• Containers packing with ready meals packaged manually
  • Sealing can be carried out both with the gas injection and the vacuum creation in container
  • Increasing the shelf life of products
  • Possibility of parallel product packaging into containers of different volume / parallel packaging of various products
  • Opportunity to perform preventive maintenance without stopping production (operation on one rotor)
  • Accessories from the world's leading manufacturers (Festo, SMC, Omron, B&R, Schneider Electric, etc.)
  • Control system implementation at the level of network solutions, which facilitates operation and diagnostics, provides opportunity for connecting additional network devices (dosers, pumping stations, etc.)
  • Color touch screen of control system (LS Industrial Systems, 7.2"; optional - Festo, LG, Siemens, Allen Bradley, etc.), an intuitive Russian-language interface

Automatic rotary type machine with two enlarged rotors "PASTPACK 2R2В" is intended for packing the cups/containers with finished products. Sealing can be performed both with the protective gas injection, and the vacuum creation in container.

Presence of two rotors provides possibility of parallel packing of different types of containers or size / parallel packing of two different products, and also doubles the machine capacity. The increased diameter of the rotor allows to pack buckets up to 3 liters (in one-row version), or to place 2 slots in position (in two-row version), which will allow to get 4 packs per 1 cycle of machine operation.

Products to be packed:
ready meals packaged into containers.
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 33 (without gas) 14 (with gas)
Round cup diameter, max, mm 130
Rectangle container size, mm 218х156
Power supply 220 V 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 5
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 1200
Machine length, mm 3000
Machine width, mm 1480
Machine height, mm 1980
Machine weight, kg 1500
  • Container placing unit
  • Optical sensor of container presence in rotor slot
  • Film feeding unit (equipped with a vacuum sensor)
  • Inert gas injection device
  • Film sealing and cutting unit
  • Date stamping unit
  • Ejector
  • Receiving table
  • Pneumatic equipment (air preparation unit, pneumatic distribution valves)
  • Four-side machine guard
  • Container UV treatment unit
  • Cup forced deformation unit at sealing position
  • Continuous inkjet printer
  • Snap-on lid placing unit
  • Five-side machine guard (upper frame)
  • HEPA filter unit (only for upper frame)
  • Protective sensors on guard doors
  • Round accumulating table
  • Discharge conveyor

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