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Selection by machine type

Equipment for the formation of the transport group (secondary) packaging is extensive and rapidly developing area of TAURAS-FENIX. Secondary packaging provides convenient transportation, loading and unloading easier and reduces the risk of damage to the product. The presence in the product line enables to equip enterprises with integrated solutions in the field of filling and packaging, enabling fully automated production process.

Machines for the formation of group transport packaging can be divided into three main groups:

1. The equipment for packing in corrugated cardboard (corrugated boxes, cardboard tray)

For packaging into cardboard boxes TAURAS-FENIX produces compact monoblocks as well as modular packaging systems, adapted to the specific production lines. Complexes can include a variety of box formers, automatic placers and gluing stations, allowing packaging products in various kinds of primary packaging: three-seam bags, packages doypak, packages Pure-Pak, glass and PET bottles, rectangular cardboard boxes (with cereals, washing powder etc.). It is possible to install horizontal or vertical cardboard inserts between the layers (rows). Cases sealing can be made both on the glue, and the Scotch tape. This direction is actively developing due to the high interest of producers for this type of secondary packaging, and already in 2015 is expected to market a number of new developments.

For packing unsteady containers (plastic cups, etc.) in the tray with the cells there’s a special machine which forms the tray of the carton blank. To automatically load the cups directly from the conveyor the machine can be supplied with a grouping and transporting devices.

2. Equipment for shrink wrapping

TAURAS-FENIX produces more than 10 basic models of automatic and semi-automatic machines as well as modular lines that enable packaging in shrink film as separate items (bags, boxes, large items) and automatically generated blocks of products (bottles, cans, bags and pure-pak bags etc.). It is possible to install a cardboard substrate, tray, vertical cardboard inserts. This equipment sector is one of the oldest  in  TAURAS-FENIX: proven reliable devices for many years successfully work in enterprises of Russia and CIS countries.

3. Pallet machines

Pallet wrapping machines carry products (boxes, bags, shrink film packages) on pallets in stretch film, which completes the process of transport packaging. The devices can be equipped with both simple and E-shaped circular platform that facilitates the supply of pallets from pallet jack or truck.

Thus, TAURAS-FENIX equipment enables the group transport packaging of various products, such as:

  • Jars of baby food in the tray, followed by shrink wrapping
  • Cup sour cream in tray with cells followed by shrink wrapping
  • Glass bottles with shrink film with cardboard backing
  • Pure Pak packages in shrink film with cardboard inserts
  • Packages of flour in shrink film
  • Washing powder boxes in shrink film
  • Countertops, doors, wall panels in shrink film
  • Three-seam bags type flow pack in American cases
  • Packages such as doy pack in American cases
  • Glazed cheese in American cases
  • Polypack packages (milk, yogurt) in American cases
  • PET and glass bottles in American cases
  • Products on pallets in stretch film