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Fulfilling the needs of our clients has been set as the ultimate goal of the company. We see ourselves responsible for satisfying any requests in qualitative filling, packaging and processing fields that require the service of our machines not only in Russia, but abroad as well.


The essence of Tauras-Fenix is the people. When hiring new employees we value the capabilities of candidates a little more than their skillfulness, because we provide all the necessary conditions to upgrade the skills if the person is willing. We are constantly expanding and opening new offices in different cities, countries and even continents, because the broadening of our surroundings helps us to refresh the ideas and enrich the expertise. The main priorities of our work are developing and maintaining the relations with our clients and partners while offering our professionalism and competence. We take full responsibility for our decisions and even though we do pride ourselves in our work, a great emphasis is set on the goal to keep constantly improving. Our roots are in our history -Tauras-Fenix embodies years of trust and respect. These qualities present us with the knowledge that allows us to be sincere and confident in our actions.

Everything narrows down to a simple conclusion: the company is its employees. Tauras-Fenix is determined to provide endless opportunities for the highest possible professional realization of our employees.


Customer-oriented approach

Trust is the base of achieving mutual goals, therefore we try to understand not just current but future needs of our clients as well. Fulfilling the requirements and often exceeding them is rewarding for both sides of such relationships.


In order to be successful in the modern dynamic world economy, constant innovations are vital. Just like for the last 25 years, the management of the company is extremely visionary, which plays a huge role in anticipating the requirements of the market and granting the long-term prosperity of the company.


Talents and skills play an important role in everything we do. Our equipment is competitive and we aspire to prove its perfection and precociousness. We do not stop after reaching our goals. Reliability and uniqueness are the features that distinguish our brand.