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Selection by machine type

up to 33 cycles/min.
up to 40 cycles/min.
up to 30 cycles/min.
up to 60 cycles/min.
up to 80 cycles/min.
up to 70 cycles/min.
up to 140 cycles/min.
up to 160 cycles/min.
up to 25 cycles/min.
up to 25 cycles/min.
up to 35 cycles/min.
up to 70 cycles/min.
up to 140 cycles/min.
VDMA Hygiene Class IV
136 cycles/min
up to 210 cycles/min.
up to 280 cycles/min.

Packaging machines for packing in pre-made packages are one of the most popular and rapidly developing categories of Tauras-Fenix equipment. Machines are mostly used in the dairy industry and are successfully established in many companies in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. However, different variations in the configuration of these machines and a wide range of available containers enable the usage of said machines in many other food and non-food industries.

Packaging in the following types of containers:

  • Plastic cups with foil sealing and capping (optional)
  • Plastic containers (rectangular) with foil sealing and capping (optional)
  • Two-section containers
  • Plastic bucket with a lid capping
  • Steralcon (lamister) packaging
  • Glass jars, tin containers (special machines for packing in a container, not amenable to automatic loading)

Packaging machines allow to pack a wide range of foods, such as:

  • Sour cream into plastic cups
  • Butter, margarine, various spreads into rectangular containers
  • Yoghurt, dairy desserts, including desserts out of two components (separate container for chocolate, jam, whipped cream)
  • Crumbly cheese, cottage cheese with beaded refilling cream cheese with different fillings
  • Cream cheese, cottage cheese
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces into plastic buckets
  • Paste into steralcon (lamister) containers
  • Honey into PET and glass jars
  • Chocolate paste into plastic and glass jars, including the possibility of a two-coloгr packing to create a spiral pattern
  • Salads, seaweed
  • Fish preserves, eggs, caviar butter
  • Dry soups, breakfast cereals
  • The new trend - packing snacks into plastic containers (chips, crackers, nuts, etc.)
  • Ice cream into plastic containers

Machines for packaging into pre-made packages differentiate into 2 groups depending on the organization of the transport system.

In rotary machines slots are arranged on a rotary table. Such packaging machines are compact and have affordable price, the range includes both small and high-performance machines with a wide variety of available options.

Linear (in-line) machines form a linear transport system configuration of slots, which makes it possible to mount a required amount of additional components even on a basic model. Four and six-row industrial packaging machines provide superior performance and can be supplied in a so-called Ultra Clean (hygiene) version, compliant with VDMA class IV.

Tauras-Fenix machines are adapted to the specific production, equipped with the necessary dispensing systems and can be delivered as a part of integrated solutions (including, for example, a group of transport packaging in a cardboard tray/shrink film) for full automatization of the production process.