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Selection by machine type

up to 150-200 kg/h
up to 900 kg/h
up to 320 kg/hour
Up to 250 kg/h
up to 300 kg/h
up to 600 kg/h

Depositing (forming) machines are widely used in pastry shops and bakeries. The main function performed by this type of equipment - dispensing different in shape, size and composition dough pieces. Confectionery of different types of pastry (gingerbread, custard, sponge, sand) with or without stuffing, two-color or monochrome can be manufactured. You can install a variety of nozzles, which allows to obtain a wide range of different products on the same machine.

4 basic work formats of the machines:

1. The method of string cutting
Supplied through the nozzle dough is cut off with special string. So flat cookies of different shapes are made

2. The method of diaphragm cutting
Supplied through the nozzle dough is cut with special diaphragm matrix that allows you to "close" the stuffing inside the product. So spice cakes and cookies with filling inside are made

3. The method of depositing
Through the nozzle, equipped with special headers, dough is deposited in a form of figure cookies. A variety of nozzles and the ability to rotate the nozzle around its axis during deposition allows for an incredibly wide range of manufactured products.

4. The method of pouring into flat forms
Liquid (biscuit) dough through the nozzle is fed into the prepared pan. So made biscuit cakes, muffins etc.

Jigging machines vary in format of work and have certain featuring. Thus, the Pitpack OP1 is operating in the string and diaphragm cutting producing simple cookies and cakes. The device offers high performance and the ability of directly depositing on the conveyor furnace. Pitpack OP3 is operating in string cutting and depositing, that makes it possible to produce a wide range of flat and figure cookies. Pitpack OP4 is a multipurpose machine. At the base of the machine module are installed units that can handle different types of pastry and zephyr dough in all four modes, which makes it possible to produce various kinds of products, for example:

  • Flat shortbread
  • Figure cookies with filling
  • Two-color cookies
  • Gingerbread with filling
  • Two-colored marshmallow with filling
  • Sponge cakes
  • Cupcakes and muffins
  • Meringues
  • Choux pastry (blanks for profiteroles, éclairs)

Industrial equipment for the manufacture of confectionery is fully automated, easy to operate, can be integrated into a production line with furnace conveyor and is characterized by high rates of productivity.