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  • Packaging machines for liquid products

Selection by machine type

Performance: Up to 25 cycles/min.
Performance: Up to 45 cycles/min.
Performance: Up to 84 cycles/min.
Performance: up to 25 cycles/min.

Vertical machines for liquid and paste products enables the packaging of various food and non-food products in three-seam bags formed from heat sealable materials (polyethylene and polypropylene films). The equipment is made from corrosion-resistant materials, stainless steel, therefore it can be used in high humidity environment, dairy sector, etc.

Machines equipped with volumetric piston or flow metric fillers help in packaging various products:

  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yogurt, sour milk)
  • Sauces and fat products (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, vegetable oils, salad dressings
  • Jam, marmalade, honey
  • Baby food
  • Liquid and paste non-food products (detergents, liquid soap, canned food for animals, fertilizers, etc.)

Tauras-Fenix machines are adapted to fit the needs of specific production, equipped with the necessary dispensing systems and can be delivered as a part of integrated solutions (including, for example, a group of transport packaging in cartons/shrink film) for full automatization of the production process.