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Selection by machine type

up to 45 cycles/min.
up to 65 cycles/min.
up to 80 cycles/min.
up to 120 cycles/min.
up to 95 packs/min
90 cycles/min
up to 240 pcs/min.
up to 800 cycles/min.
up to 130 cycles/min.
up to 20 cycles/min.
up to 180 cycles/min.
up to 140 cycles/min.
up to 90 cycles/min.
up to 25 cycles/min.
up to 45 cycles/min.
up to 40 cycles/min.

Vertical machines are one of the major groups of Tauras-Fenix product range. The lineup of this sort of packaging machinery includes more than 10 basic machines that can be equipped with a wide range of additional gadgets and options to meet the needs of a specific production.

Equipments can be divided into two main groups:

  • For loose products
  • For liquid and paste products

Vertical machines for loose products allow packaging powder, loose and small piece products in three-seam bags formed from heat sealable materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, barrier films, frost-resistant film).

Bag types:

  • Standard three-seam bags (flow pack, pillow bag)
  • Flat bottom bag
  • Bag with sealed edges (BB bag)
  • Bag with euroslot
  • Bag of increased volume (up to 4, 8, 10, 30 L)
  • Bag with a handle
  • Briquette bag (bag with double flat bottom)
  • Bag with а clip
  • Pyramid bag

Vertical packaging machines for loose products can be supplied with various types of industrial fillers: flow weighers, combinational weighers (linear or multihead), volumetric cup or auger fillers. Depending on the filler type, vertical machines can pack a wide range of products:

  • Bulk products (cereals, pasta, coffee, tea, spices)
  • Piece products (nuts, candies, cookies, bagels, dried fruit, pistachios)
  • Powdery and dusty products (soda, cocoa powder, mustard powder, starch, flour)
  • Fragile products (pastries, glazed cakes, wafers, chips, crackers)
  • Abrasive products (salt, sugar)
  • Heavy piece products (e.g. agricultural: onions, potatoes, apples, etc.)
  • Frozen products (ready meals, vegetables, mushrooms, berries)
  • Special solutions for filling and packaging of curd and cottage cheese
  • Nonfood bulk or granular products (fertilizers, seeds, animal treats, laundry detergent, household chemicals, dry mixes, etc.).