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Selection by machine type

Performance: up to 6000 pph
Performance: up to 10000 pph

Industrial production lines of glazed cheese bars  intended for the production of glazed cheese curds of different shapes, including stuffing and/or dusting. Lines include a number of line modules implementing depositing cheese pieces, their glazing, cooling and subsequent packaging in three-seam bags type flow pack.

It’s possible to produce a wide range of cheese bars, such as:

  • With condensed milk
  • With jam
  • With sprinkled chocolate chips
  • With sprinkled coconut
  • Cheese on cookie
  • Chocolate glazed cheese

TAURAS-FENIX machines are adapted to the specific production and can be delivered as part of integrated solutions (including, for example, a system of group transport packaging in cardboard boxes) for the complete automation of the production process.