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Salt packaging

Packaging of salt has its special features and requirements, intended to save organoleptic properties of
product. The right-chosen package protects salt from the negative impact of the environment and saves
product during transportation and storage.

Types of packages

The equipment range of TAURAS-FENIX allows you to produce the following types of packages for salt:
  1.  Three-seam pillow-bag — widely used by Producers three-seam bag with salt.
  2. Flat-bottom bag – convenient and stable pouch with aesthetic shape.
  3.  Briquette – practical way of salt packaging, that provides safe storage and transportation.
  4.  Doypack – flexible and stable pouch, that saves product from moisture due to its extra airtightproperties.
  5.  PET-jar – versatile type of package in the matter of design.
  6. STICK – popular type of single-use package. Economic and compact design with requiredproduct protection properties.
  7. SACHET – another type of single-use package. Pouch with four seam provides extra-protection of product from the impact of the environment.
  8. Big size bags – allows to pack big volumes of product. The perfect option for wholesale salt producers.

What are the key considerations when you select the equipment?

Salt - is a product, that cause the corrosion of metal at high humidity level. Machines for salt
packaging shall be made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Packaging equipment and its features

Packaging of salt can be performed by:
Vertical-form-fill-seal machines PITPACK.
  Product range of equipment includes more than 10 basic machines, that can be equipped with
wide range of additional options and accessories, allowing to pack salt into the following types
of pouches: pillow-type, flat-bottom type, briquette type, big-size type.

Equipment for packaging into STICK and SACHET.

STICK and SACHET machines are designed for packaging into single-use stick and sachet types of
pouches. The range includes both budget models and high-speed solutions. Machines have anti-
corrosion stainless steel design.

Equipment for packaging into jars

PASTPACK machines were designed specifically for filling and capping of PET-jars. Filling is
performed by means of volumetric auger filler, then, jars can be capped and labeled upon
individual Customer’s request. The equipment can be designed for jars with various types of size
and shape.

Equipment for filling and packaging of DOYPACK

Linear-type Doypack machines are designed for forming of doypack-pouch from film roll with
further filling and sealing. Machine can be equipped with ZIP-line application unit or spout
sealing unit for re-closing.

All equipment of TAURAS-FENIX is adaptable for concrete production and can be supplied as a
turn-key solution for providing of fully-automated technological process with equipment for
primary and secondary packaging of salt.  

Other equipment from this group

up to 45 cycles/min.
up to 20 ppm
Filling into ready Doypacks
up to 65 cycles/min.
up to 90 cycles/min.
up to 80 cycles/min.
up to 35 dose/min
Operates with powdery products
up to 120 cycles/min.
up to 60 dose/min
Operates with powdery products
up to 120 dose/min
Operates with powdery products, servo drive
up to 130 cycles/min.
up to 20 cycles/min.
up to 180 cycles/min.
up to 140 cycles/min.