The STICKPACK STP-250 is a vertical forming, filling and sealing (VFFS) machine for wrapping of powdery, bulk, pasty and liquid products into stickpack bags performing up to 240 pcs/min. Multilane design allows to run this machine using 2 to 6 lanes simultaneously, making the solution adaptable for the needs of each certain enterprise.
Products to be packed:
Loose dusty products: sugar, salt, ground pepper, spices, seasonings, coffee (instant, freeze-dried, 3 in 1), tea. Liquid viscous products: honey, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, shampoos.
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 240 pcs/min
Bag width, mm 17
Bag width, max, mm 40
Bag length (single pulling), mm 190
Film reel width, mm 50
Film reel width, max, mm 250
Film unwinding drive unit Servo
Longitudinal seal drive unit Pneumatic
Transversal seal drive unit Pneumatic
Sealing type Continuous
Power supply 3 x 400 V; 50 Hz, 3 kW
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Machine length, mm 1050
Machine width, mm 1100
Machine height, mm 1170
Machine weight, kg 200

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