The PITPACK 1006 is a vertical forming, filling and sealing (VFFS) machine for high-speed wrapping into three-seam bags. Choose this solution if you need the performance up to 130 cycles/min and compact height.

Products to be packed:
Bulk: grains, pasta, dried fruits, snacks, tea, coffee beans, candies, sugar, salt, etc.
Powders: dry milk, flour, starch, cocoa powder, etc.
Frozen: seafood, berries and vegetables, ready-to-cook meals, etc.
Non-food: dry household chemicals, bath salts, seeds, soil, fertilizers, animal food, etc.

Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 130
Dose volume, max, l 5
Product tube diameter, mm 200
Bag width, max, mm 310
Bag length (single pulling), mm 310
Film type Polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, barrier films, frost-resistant films
Film thickness, mcr 40-130
Film reel width, max, mm 670
Film reel diameter, mm 400
Film reel weight, max, kg 60
Film unwinding drive unit Asynchronous
Film pulling drive unit Asynchronous / Servo
Longitudinal seal drive unit Pneumatic
Transversal seal drive unit Pneumatic / Servo
Sealing type Continuous/Impulse
Filler as standard equipment No filler
Power supply 380 V, 3-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 5 / 6,5 Servo
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 400
Machine length, mm 2060
Machine width, mm 1460
Machine height, mm 1430
Machine weight, kg 760
  • Bag forming unit
  • Longitudinal and cross sealing units
  • Control system (fit to work with any filler)
  • Photo mark sensing unit (photo-cell)
  • Film unwinding device
  • Film tension device
  • Film broaching device
  • Film compensating device (during film broaching)
  • Pneumatic system
  • Date affixing device in cross sealing jaws
  • Side fold forming unit
  • Flat bottom forming unit
  • Euroslot cutting device
  • Holder cutting device
  • Clipping device
  • Cliche/Ink printer
  • Inert gas injection system
  • Impulse sealing unit
  • Dust exhaust system
  • Static charge killer