Flour - the product obtained as a result of grinding grains of different crops: corn, buckwheat, rye, oats, millet, barley, rice, wheat, peas, and many others. This is the main component in the production of bread and other pastries.

Equipment for packaging flour group method

Tauras-Fenix ​​produces equipment for group package of flour, prepackaged and packaged in paper bags of rectangular shape:

  • Turbopak-AP (142) – model with highest capacity – 7200 psc/hour.
  • Turbopak-APC (152) – model with capacity of 6000 psc/hour, (with substrate).
  • Turbopak-APC-1 (182) – 7000 psc/hours (with additional stiffeners).
  • Turbopak-APC-1/2 (181) – model that can produce the largest block: 3x6

Automatic Turbopack lines intended for group transport packaging of products of rectangular shape on the substrate, including the installation of vertical cardboard inserts between the rows.

Serving of bags, forming unit, installation of vertical pads, installing the substrate wrapping shrink polyethylene film and transfer it to Shrink tunnel for subsequent shrinkage and formation of transport packaging is carried out in a fully automatic mode. Depending on necessity machine may be executed either in the left or right embodiment.

Other equipment from this group

up to 90 dose/min
10 weighing pockets, 2 levels
up to 45 cycles/min.
up to 20 ppm
Filling into ready Doypacks
up to 65 cycles/min.
up to 90 cycles/min.
up to 50 dose/min
Operates with abrasive products
up to 80 cycles/min.
up to 35 dose/min
Operates with powdery products
up to 120 cycles/min.
up to 60 dose/min
Operates with powdery products
up to 120 dose/min
Operates with powdery products, servo drive
up to 140 dose/min
14 weighing pockets, 2 levels
up to 180 cycles/min.
up to 140 cycles/min.