Package for frozen semi-finished products saves its flavor, extends its shelf life and displays the necessary information for consumer about the product manufacturer, contents and storage conditions. The proper package protects product from sun, moisture, and damage during the transportation.


Most of piece semi-finished products are packed into group type of package, which is made of food carton, plastic or combined materials. The type of package for semi-finished meat products is distinguished by product category, quantity and shape.

Carton - light, compact and decomposable in natural environment material. Thanks to its multi-layer structure, it protects product during transportation. A disadvantage feature – it easily gets wet and can be deformed or torn. Package for frozen meat can be made of cardboard. Usually, these are boxes with end loading of nuggets, patties, schnitzels and other frozen food.

Plastic is stronger and more compact than cardboard. It can provide a better protection for products, that absorb odors from other food. For example, the frozen patties are packed into the plastic trays for further film sealing. The disadvantage of a plastic material - is a complex processing and disposal.


TAURAS-FENIX can offer the equipment for the following types packages:

1.       Three-seam pillow-pouch – is a classic three-seam bag for storing of frozen meat-products: hamburgers, patties, nuggets.

2.       Flow-pack – airtight three-seam bag made by horizontal packaging machine.

3.       Pouch with clips – perfect solution for packaging of dumplings, mantas and khinkali.

4.       Doy-pack – universal, stable and strong pouch with vertical loading, can be equipped with ZIP-lock for reclosing.

5.       Pouch with flat bottom – stable, capable and convenient for Consumer.

All types of packaging materials are safety to use. They do not affect the taste of product, but save food freshness and marketable conditions. All these types of material are suitable for brand printing as well.


The production of semi-finished meat products requires freezing temperatures, thus, the packaging equipment shall operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Equipment for feeding of frozen products shall be made of stainless steel, which saves the quality of semi-finished products without affecting their taste and aroma qualities.


Packing of frozen semi-finished products is performed by:

-          Horizontal packaging machine.


linepack machines. Suitable for flow-pack packaging of piece products, as well as group of product placed into the tray or other similar types of containers.

It can be used for packaging of semi-finished products inside the airtight bag and also with applying of modified atmosphere packaging technology (MAP). Linepack can be equipped with different types of automatic feeding systems and stacking units to provide fully automated process.

Linepack with reel holder on the top is a standard version of HFFS machines. Linepack with reel holder on the bottom allows to pack products with different sizes and shapes, as well as heavyweight products.

-          Vertical packaging machine

Pitpack machines. These machines are used for packaging of products into flexible type of material. It can be PET, BOPP films, with/without aluminum or paper layers. Machine can form and seal different types of pouches: pillow-pouch, flat-bottom pouch, pouch with sealed edges, etc.


Tauras-Fenix can offer the various number of Vertical packaging machines together with any kinds of dosing systems. Equipment can be also easily integrated into existing technological lines.

-          Equipment for group-packaging of semi-finished products into carton cases.

Automatic stackers, treypacks, case formers and sealers, palletizers and shrink-wrappers. Equipment for secondary packaging helps the processes of product loading and unloading, protects is from damaging during the transportation, and saves its freshness and state.