• Solid design, stainless steel covering
  • Conveyor of aluminum alloy
  • Details, contact with product, are made of materials approved for use according РТМ 27-15-00-72
  • Possibility of operative reinstallation extended units set for necessary products and its assembly and disassembly for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Combination drive allows to apply different feed system of product in forming blocks, and also regulate the roll gap, depending on pastry density
  • Frequency-controlled asynchronous electric drives, filling stuffing drives, conveyor drive vertical movement. Servo drives conveyor and the rotation mechanism nozzles allow to mold complex geometric figures
  • Pneumatic drive unit of diaphragm cutting device
  • Cells of diaphragm cutting device are staggered that allow efficient using of tray

Multipurpose depositing machine is designed for dose depositing viscous and semi-viscous half-finished pastries of various shapes and size with/without filling onto a baking tray in food industry. Machine design features allow to insert different types of roll filling devices even on the base machine  depending on  product types: soft, shortcrust, choux paste, spice, liquid sponge and other types of dough, zephyr, marshmallow etc. It’s possible to deposite other types of products which can be handled with roll dosing.

Due to use of separate drive units for two roll filling systems it’s possible to produce both two-coloured products and mix dough with other products. As well as it’s possible to use roll filling device for pastry and liquid products. The stuff can be fed into the product as well as onto the surface. To produce two-colored products with/without stuffing the machine is completed with a hopper with two pairs of rollers and changeable nozzles. There is a possibility to produce two-colored products from soft or short-crust pastry with a string and diaphragm cutting modes.

A big variety of nozzles allows round, square, triangular and other product shaping. To produce zephyr the machine is completed with a heating hopper. The thermo regulating system provides the hopper given temperature support.

A wide range of cookies, spicy cakes, cakes (with/whitout) stuffing, puffs, zephyr, sponge shortcakes and other confectionaries with stuffing inside/outside the products; two-colored cookies of various shapes with/without stuffing, products from cottage cheese.
Cookies number at one cycle by depositing, pcs 9
Hopper volume, l 40х2 / 70
Filling hopper volume, l 50
Tray size, mm 600х900
Power supply 220 V, 1-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 3,6
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 40
Machine length, mm 1370
Machine width, mm 1240
Machine height, mm 1570
Machine weight, kg 550
  • Control system
  • Conveyor servo drive unit
  • Rotary nozzles and string cutting servo drive units
  • Table lifting drive unit
  • Hopper with rollers for soft pastry
  • Hopper with rollers for liquid pastry
  • 3-bin roller unit for two-color dough and filling (soft or shortcuts pastry)
  • A set of rotary nozzles to jig products with stuffing
  • A set of shaped molds for string cutting
  • A set of rollers for spice-cakes pastry and domed cookies with filling for diaphragm cutting
  • A set of horizontal jigging with nozzles filling feeder and string cutting (sticks with filling)
  • Nozzles for pouring forms for muffins
  • Slotted nozzle unit for pouring flat forms (biscuit, cakes)
  • Diaphragm cutting unit with pneumatic drive
  • String cutting unit
  • Device for relief stamping and filling stuff pouring on products
  • A set of rotary nozzles to produce two-colored products with stuffing
  • A set of nozzles for two-color domed cookies with filling («Chapiteau», etc.) for diaphragm cutting
  • A set of figured nozzles for string cutting two-color products
  • A set of double row nozzles for consistent jigging of two types of pastry and filling
  • Heating hopper for zephyr production
  • A set of sprinkled coating by dry ingredients (poppy, coconut, sesame, etc.)
  • Automatic feed of trays
  • A set of trays 400x600 mm, 15 pieces

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