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  • Solid design, covering of stainless steel
  • Quick replace of units to handle different products and possibility to dismantle units that provides easy flushing and sanitization
  • Cells of diaphragm cutting device are staggered that allow efficient using of tray
  • Frequency-controlled electric drives of rollers and string cutting unit. Pneumatic drive unit of diaphragm cutting device
  • Protection from falling into the working zone
  • The machine is versatile and has many functional features
  • There is a possibility to feed fillings into products without diaphragm device
  • Efficient using of tray thanks to cells of diaphragm cutting device are staggered
  • Modern industrial design
  • The mode “assortment” allows depositing various types of cookies on the baking tray
  • The filling station can be placed in any convenient place
  • There is a possibility to deposit 3-component products (2 colors + filling)
  • There is a possibility to produce multi-layer products and products of complex shape
  • There is a possibility to program the machine for any product

Versatile depositing machine is designed for dose depositing half-finished pastries of various shapes and sizes from viscous and semi-viscous products (dough) with/without filling onto a baking tray. Machine design features allow to insert different types of roll filling devices depending on products: soft, shortcrust, choux paste, spice, liquid sponge and other kind of dough, zephyr, marshmallow sticks, etc.

To produce products with filling Pitpack OP2 is completed with a stuffing feeding station installed separately in the position convenient for operation. The stuffing can be fed into the product as well as on its surface. To produce two-colored products with/without stuffing the machine is completed with a double hopper with two pairs of rollers and changeable nozzles. A big variety of nozzles allows round, square, triangular and other product shaping. To produce zephyr the machine is completed with a heating hopper. The machine is controlled by built-in microcomputer that can be programmed to handle up to 99 recipes of confectionery. Data are output from a touch panel display.

Products to be packed:
A wide range of cookies, spice cakes, cakes, puffs, zephyr, sponge shortcakes and other pastry with/without stuffing, two-colored cookies with/without stuffing, products from cottage cheese as well as products from different kinds of mincemeat.
Cookies number at one cycle by depositing, pcs 5-15
Hopper volume, l 40х2
Filling hopper volume, l 56
Tray size, mm 600х900
Filling station dimensions, mm 1120х540х1365
Filling station weight, kg 110
Power supply 220 V, 1-Ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 3,6
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 30
Machine length, not more than, mm 1380
Machine width, not more than, mm 1166
Machine height, not more than, mm 1640
Machine weight, not more than, kg 400
  • Changeable sets of nozzles
  • Control system
  • Rollers drive unit
  • Drive unit for string cutting
  • Conveyor with drive unit of lifting
  • Drive unit of rotary nozzles
  • Hopper with rollers for soft past
  • Hopper with rollers for liquid pastry
  • Double hopper with two couples of rollers to produce two-colored products
  • Heating hopper for zephyr production
  • A set of rollers for spice-cakes pastry
  • A set of rotary nozzles to jig soft pastry
  • A set of rotary nozzles to jig products with stuffing
  • A set of rotary nozzles to produce two-colored products with stuffing
  • A set of nozzles to jig products with filling
  • A set of shaped molds for string cutting
  • A set of shaped molds for string cutting of two-colored products
  • Diaphragm cutting unit
  • String cutting unit
  • Stuffing feeding station
  • Device for relief stamping and filling stuff pouring on products

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