• Stainless execution machine.
  • Consistent heating of the glaze by using a "water jacket".
  • Protection from the exchange of temperatures between the heated glaze and the supply glaze.
  • Heated hopper, which has the ability to slide out of the frame of the machine for easy handling.
  • Screw pump feeding the glaze ensures consistent flow and superior reliability on the work of the machine.
The machine is designed to cover the bottom of a product, with decorative stripes or full coverage of the products with the glaze. The bunker for the dosing of the glaze is installed inside the mixer. The temperature of the glaze is maintained automatically by heating the water around the hopper (“water jacket”). Feeding of the glaze from the bath is carried through screw pump. The thickness of the glaze layer is controlled by the applied blower, whose angle can be adjusted. Inclined conveyor pan is heated with TAN , which prevents the falling glaze sticking with the conveyor. All machine parts in contact with the product are made out of corrosion-resistant steel 12X18H10T.
Film reel width, max, mm 420
Thermo tunnel conveyor speed, m/min. 0,5 - 3
Power consumption, kW 220V, 50Gc
Потребляемая мощность, кВт 7,5
Air consumption, l/min 80/120
Machine length, mm 1400
Machine width, mm 900
Machine height, mm 1880
Machine weight, kg 520
  • Blower
  • Heated inclined conveyor tray
  • Frame with electrical equipment
  • Retractable heated hopper with an agitator

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