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The Altay cheese producers choose Tauras-Fenix packaging systems.

The Altay cheese-production plant “Plavich” has launched the production of Mozzarella per pizza, with taste and quality on par with the famous Italian cheese for pizza – according to reviews of both Russian and European pizzaiolo. St. Petersburg machinery works TAURAS-FENIX fulfilled design and production of a packaging line for this product.

Mozzarella per pizza is especially popular among pizza makers in the form of topping-cheese, already grated or diced. It’s supplied in a transparent package that allows the buyer to examine the external view of product immediately.

The entire process – from cheese processing to bagging - is fully automated, and does not require any manual interference from the operators.

The packaging process starts from feeding of product into combination (multihead) weigher. Specifically, for Plavich company, TAURAS-FENIX has developed a custom Z-shaped conveyor. This decision was made because of limited height of the production room.

From the automatic grater, the cheese, grated or diced, is fed by conveyor into the multihead weigher AMATA-KATE-210-RD.

The weigher is equipped with 10 weighing feeders and a timing hopper for discharge of grated cheese. All parts in contact with the product are made of ribbed stainless steel. This minimizes the area of contact with the product and prevents product sticking to the equipment. The weigher features IP65 dust/moist protection and completely tool-less, snap-on removal of all feeders and chutes for ease of sanitation.

Operation based on the principle of target dose combination from multiple feeder allows AMATA-KATE-210-RD to provide high accuracy and capacity.

According to the customer’s request, doses of 200 and 300 grams shall be dropped into bag with "flat-bottom", whereas doses of up to 1 kg - into “pillow-type” bag.

PITPACK SMART is equipped with a gas flush system. This allows users to increase the shelf life of their product avoiding the use of preservatives in the products.

Individually packed products are delivered to the warehouse by the discharge conveyor for further logistics.

Finaly, equipment of TAURAS-FENIX is designed in accordance with all hygiene standards and allows to make washing, cleaning and sanitizing, which serves as an additional guarantee of high quality, excellent taste properties, freshness and safety of Mozzarella per pizza, produced by Altay cheese makers.

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