Packaging of 25 kg – new multipurpose machine PITPACK M8, designed by TAURAS-FENIX!


When you select the type of package – you select your Customer. This is the well-known rule for every successful food company. But how to offer products in different types of packages, that will answer expectations of each buyer category, and in the same time to avoid high maintenance costs for a big number of packaging machines? The answer is multipurpose packaging machine PITPACK M8, that can pack wide range of products into different types of bags.

PITPACK M8PITPACK M8 – is a vertical form-fill-seal machine, designed and launched by Saint Petersburg machinery works TAURAS-FENIX.

Packaging of products is performed into bags, formed from polymer heat-sealable film. The following types of heat-sealable film can be used: one or multilayer PP, PE, Paper/PE.

One of the key features of PITPACK M8 is the ability to pack the wide range of doses –from 1 to 25 kg. Moreover, machine can be equipped with pack former of smaller size and special funnel to perform packaging into small low-dose pouches.

The capacity of machine is from 2 bags (dosing of 25 kg) to 50 bags per minute dosing of 1 kg).

Machine can form the most popular shapes of bags: “pillow” bag, bag with flat bottom, bag with 4 sealed edges (Stabilo bag). Machine can be also equipped with accessories for application of ZIP-line, puncturing “Eurohole” and a 3-figer handle.

PITPACK M8 is suitable for packaging free-flow and non-free flow products like: cereals, flakes, salt, sugar, pasta, starch, soda, peanuts, legumes, greens, seaweed, cocoa powder, baby food, milk powder, egg powder.

Machine can be used for packaging of French fries, hamburger patties and other frozen uncooked food, as well as for packaging of sticky products like winegums, dried apricots, berries, raisins and other dried fruits.

PITPACK M8 is a perfect solution for producer of pet food, fertilizers, soil, household chemicals, construction mixes.

PITPACK M8 is fully automated and doesn’t require constant monitoring during operation. Machine general parameters can be adjusted from touchscreen control panel with user friendly HMI.

Machine unwinds heat-sealable packaging film from roll and drags it according to specified length or eyespot.

Film unwinding and tensioning unit is equipped with servo-drive, it can provide precisely measuring and cutting of film for bag forming.

Then, film goes to the pack former unit, where forming of sleeve from film is performed. There are longitudinal and transverse sealing units in the pack forming area for performing seam sealing of bag.

In case of using of PE (polyethylene) film, machine can be equipped with impulse sealing system. The changeover procedure of pack former, sealing jaws and film roll is quick, safety and doesn’t require any special tools.

Filled and sealed bag is discharged from the packaging machine to the delivery table, from which it can be transported to the warehouse or to the secondary packaging section with the help of outlet conveyor (that can be also supplied by TAURAS-FENIX).

Depending on Customer’s request, machine can be supplied with additional pack formers and options like flat-bottom forming unit, bottom seam hem, cooling system for seam, bag puncturer and many others upon request.

For filling and packaging of dusty products, machine should have dust removing system.

Dust removing or ventilation system provides air-tight sealing of longitudinal and transverse seams by removing of small fraction parts and other contaminants in the sealing area.

PITPACK M8 can be connected to the separate module of ventilation with pump and dust collection tank, or to the general ventilation system of facility.

Optionally, machine can be supplied with labeling or printing devices with compensator of film longitudinal offset.

Saint Petersburg machine builders are sure that producers of food and consumer goods will appreciate the true value of multifold possibilities of new generation packaging machine from TAURAS-FENIX – PITPACK M8.

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