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«DIAPACK-AUTO» – wide range of packaging solutions

Diapaсk-AutoOperational versatility is one of the strongest advantage of new packaging machine "Diapaсk-Auto", designed and manufactured by St. Petersburg machinery works TAURAS-FENIX. The machine allows you to make group packaging of wide range of food and non-food products, both into a shrink-wrap film and into a simple “free bag”.

Horizontal packaging machine "Diapack-Auto" can be used for packaging household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, beverages, canned food and other products into marketable package. It is also suitable for packaging printing, textiles, wood panels and other products, that do not have the individual package.

It is possible to pack both individual items and group of products (bundles, stacks). In order to do that, optionally, machine can be equipped with additional module, that provides product grouping.

"Diapack-Auto" provides packaging into center-fold polyethylene film ("half-sleeve" type, where three open and one undivided sides).

The product is fed by the conveyor and wrapped into a film, which unwinds from film-roll. Then, one transverse side is sealed at first, and secondly, other sides are sealed (longitudinal and cross sides), with removing of film’s wastes after longitudinal seam sealing. Wastes are wound on special spool. In the end, product in package with three sealed edges is discharged from the machine.

"Diapack-Auto" operates in fully-automatic mode. The control system independently supports all parameters, set in control panel: the height, the sealing time and temperature of longitudinal and cross sides of knife; the speed of conveyor’s belts; the number of products to be packed.

The capacity of machine is up to 2000 packages per hour.

In standard configuration, machine packs products into "free bag", the dimensions of which are 640x510 mm. Optionally, it can be equipped with additional module with heating tunnel for packaging into shrink-wrapping film.

For packaging fish, meat, frozen products, cheese, chocolate and other food products, that are in contact with machine parts, "Diapack-Auto" can be supplied in stainless steel implementation with special conveyor belts.

As packaging material, PVC polyvinyl chloride films are used mostly. However, for food products, it is recommended to use eco-friendly polyolefin heat-shrinking films POF, which do not emit harmful chlorine and vinyl vapors during the packaging process, and have higher elasticity, strength and resistance to low temperatures, transparency and gloss.

In concluding, "Diapack-Auto" is distinguished by high-reliability, simple exploitation and affordably price. Thus, the new packaging machine from TAURAS-FENIX can be used not only in large-scale and medium-sized enterprises, but in small business segment as well.

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