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Salads are a very popular dish. There are many different recipes for salads: form simple, common to exquisite, low-calorie, and exotic.

TAURAS-FENIX provides following rotary salad packaging equipment:

  • Pastpak R – machine that allows packaging of salads into plastic cup and rectangular plastic container.
  • 2. Pastpak R servo – machine that allows packaging of salads not only into plastic cup and regular container, but also into double-sectioned cup and plastic bucket.

Other equipment from this group

25 cycles/min
case sealing
packaging of dairy products
160 pcs/min
up to 33 cycles/min.
up to 150-200 kg/h
up to 1500 cycles/h.
up to 3000 bottles/h.
up to 40 cycles/min.
up to 60 boxes/min
up to 15 boxes/min
Formation of corrugated boxes
up to 25 cycles/min.
up to 20 pcs/hour
Standard rotating platform
up to 30 bpm
Adjustable rotary platform angle
up to 12 blocks/min
basic machine
up to 55 cycles/min
For ready meals of mixed ingredients
up to 22 dose/min
For free-flowing small piece products
up to 90 dose/min
10 weighing pockets, 2 levels