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TAURAS-FENIX equipped the Dairy plant «Vakinskoe Agro» with filling and packaging lines.

TAURAS-FENIX equipped the Dairy plant «Vakinskoe Agro» with filling and packaging lines.

TAURAS-FENIX launched the linear-type cup-filling machine for sour cream and yogurts PASTPACK 4L at Agro-industrial complex’s Dairy plant “Vakinskoe Agro”.

Pastpack4l.pngVakinskoe Agro – it’s a modern agro-industrial complex in Ryazan’ District. One of the branch of its activities - is the production and realization of dairy products under the brand name ECOVAKINO. In a matter of four years, the dairy plant, as a part of a complex, managed to take the leading position in the market of dairy products in Ryazan and other Districts.     

The cooperation between TAURAS-FENIX and Vakinskoe Agro has started for several years ago, since the launch of filling line for dairy products – milk, kefir, yogurt. In 2017, Vakinskoe Agro equipped its production plant with fully-automated cup-filling line for sour cream and yogurt with TREYPACK machine for placing of ready-products into trey.

After several years of production, the specialists of Vakinskoe Agro assure themselves of quality, strength, easy-to-operate and hygienic design features of TAURAS-FENIX equipment. In view of this, the dairy plant purchased new line PASTPACK 4L from machinery works TAURAS-FENIX.

PASTPACK 4L – is the high-speed (7000 cups per hour) linear-type cup-filling machine. The machine is designed for filling of paste-like products into plastic cups, with further cups sealing by foil and capping by snap-on lid.

The distinguished features

of the equipment:

- it is adoptable for regular cleaning procedures: machine parts, which are in contact with product and operating areas are made of stainless steel, that protects the equipment from acid (including hydrogen peroxide) and alkaline environment.   

- the hygienic filling – in order to reach the highest shelf-life of product, the process of filling is executed inside the closed chamber in CLEAN environment due to sterile air feeding by means of HEPA-filters. Additionally, machine is equipped with units of bactericidal treatment of cups and foil.

- Ethernet remote access for quick troubleshooting. The equipment is supplied with Ethernet remote access module, that allows to immediately receive the support from service-team, using Internet.  

- The machine’s software allows to create and save recipes for each types of product and cup to be filled.

Tough requirements to the quality of the equipment and raw materials, strict control throughout all stages of production, made the company Vakinskoe Agro a reliable producer of high-quality dairy products.

The technological base of achievements of all these results is partly owing to high-speed filling and packaging machines from TAURAS-FENIX.

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