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TAURAS-FENIX invites You to the «AGROPRODMASH 2020»

The 25th International Exhibition for Equipment, Technologies, Raw Materials and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry «AGROPRODMASH 2020» will take place in Moscow’s IEC Expocentre in October 5th-9th, 2020

TAURAS-FENIX company will represent new developments of filling and packaging machines and covered curd cheese bars production line.

HAS-100 Sachet – new solution of low-dose packaging.

The horizontal packaging machine HSA-100 is designed for filling and packaging of food and non-food products into single-use sachet bags, formed from heat-sealable polymer film. HSA-100 Sachet is intended for operation in automatic mode. Machine can be equipped with gravimetric and volumetric fillers, including auger-type and piston-type fillers for liquid products. Depending on configuration, machine HSA-100 can be used for packaging of powders, gels and single-piece products.

Mechanical capacity is up to 40 cycles/min

Multipurpose packaging machine PITPACK M8 with combination (multihead) weigher AMATA KATE-214-RDE – for filling and packaging of bulk food and non-food products, with vertical pouch forming from heat-sealable film roll. 

One of the key features of PITPACK M8 is the ability to fill and pack the wide range of doses –from 1 to 25 kg. Machine can form the most popular shapes of bags: “pillow” bag, bag with flat bottom, bag with 4 sealed edges (Stabilo bag). Machine can be also equipped with accessories for application of ZIP-line, puncturing “Eurohole” and a 3-figer handle

For accurate dosing, machine is equipped with combination weigher AMATA KATE-214-RDE. 

The capacity of machine is from 3 bags (dosing of 25 kg) to 50 bags per minute dosing of 1 kg).

LGS-1000 – new line for production and packaging of covered curd cheese bars with capacity 1000 bars per hour.

Compact, multi-purpose line includes the number of modules, that performs forming of curd bars, its covering, cooling and further packaging into flow-pack type of package.

The equipment can be integrated into the existing production line and can be upgraded for producing of other covered products, like fruit bars. 

All interested are welcome to appreciate the quality of products, which are manufactured and packed by onshore equipment, produced by “TAURAS-FENIX”.

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