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How to pack a sweet deal of honey

The best thing you can do with bulk honey is to pack and sell it. The one thing left to decide is which type of container to pour the product into.

Please note. This review covers only automatic industrial solutions for filling and packaging honey. Semi-automatic, manual and various alternative methods are not considered here.


Packing honey in a plastic container

Plastic containers are the most affordable package for displaying honey on store shelves and online landing pages. All it takes is the container and the Pastpak packaging machine.

The basic Pastpack R machine is ideal for farm businesses and small honey manufacturers. It allows for pouring the product into plastic containers of various sizes. You can use a standard lid, or seal the mouth with aluminum foil with a pull tab and put a cap on top.

Pastpack R works not only with round containers, but also rectangular and square containers. After all, the package shape helps to advantageously stand out on the store shelf.


Packing honey in a glass jar

Online deliveries and stores often sell honey in glass jars with a volume of 200 to 500 grams and a twist-off lid. Filling line 3000 is an optimal choice for this type of container. The machine is compatible not only with glass containers, but also non-standard plastic containers. For example - if you wish to sell honey in a honeycomb-shaped package, you will certainly not be disappointed with Filling line 3000.


Since bottling honey requires maintaining the temperature at 30–35 ˚C, Tauras-Fenix offers a double wall bin for dosing. It has a cavity with circulating water that is heated to the required temperature by an autonomous boiler. This improves the liquidity of honey during packaging.

Packing honey in a stick pack

Stick packs are often used for packing sugar, but there is no reason you can’t pack some honey in these small portion bags. Stickpack vertical packing machine will do nicely. It forms bags from a roll of film and pours honey into them. Market-ready product is a portion package of 10-15 gr.


Packing honey in a doypack

This is not the most common packaging for honey, since doypacks are used for packing mayonnaise or condensed milk. But it works well for honey too if that is your goal. Tauras-Fenix has experience creating equipment for this exact purpose. Pastpack VK is the optimal solution for honey in doypacks. This budget-friendly choice will allow you to produce up to 20 packs per minute and seal a center spout on top of the pack.


Packing in larger containers

Automatic filling of honey in large containers of 3 liters or more can be done on Pastpack 4P while L series Pastpack will be suitable for packing product into buckets of 5-10 liters.


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