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TAURAS-FENIX: new solutions of low-dose packaging

HSA-100 SachetLow-dose package, or single-use pack is currently popular for several years. This type of package is usually filled with coffee, sugar, powdered pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, shampoo, skincare products, perfumes, etc. Saint Petersburg machinery works Tauras-Fenix developed a new machine - HSA-100 Sachet, intended for filling and packaging of food and non-food products into single-use sachet bags.

Horizontal machine HSA-100 Sachet fills and packs products into rectangular-shaped bags – sachet bags (after the French – sachet – pocket, pouch), which are formed from heat-sealable polymer films.

Versatility – is the key advantage of this new machine in terms of range of food and non-food products and types of packaging material.

This advantage, combined with compact size and high capacity (up to 40 bags/min), makes new development of Tauras-Fenix an optimal solution for start-up companies, small and medium businesses.

HSA-100 Sachet is designed for fully automatic operation. Machine has modern control system with friendly interface and touchscreen panel that makes machine easy to operate.

Depending on product to be packed, machine can be equipped with volumetric, gravimetric, auger or piston filler for liquid products.

The microdose auger filler, a new development from Tauras-Fenix, is suitable for filling small portions of coffee, sugar, dried juices, instant beverage, yeast, gelatin.

New machine is a perfect solution for packaging of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, sanitary-hygienic products in the form of powders, gels and granules.

All types of heat-sealable film can be used in the machine: Paper/PE, PET/PE, PET/AL/PE, PET/BOPP/PE. Whereby, package sizes can vary from 40 to 100 mm of width, and from 40 to 500 of length.

Film is fed from the reel into the forming area – various width of film web allows for different bag sizes. Eyespot sensor with reel brake and automatic film alignment system ensure outstanding precision of print position relative to sealing area, as well as accurate positioning of blank area for date/batch coding – even with smallest packaging formats.

Machine forms half-sleeve from film web, then performs transverse sealing of film, making a sleeve, into which filler drops the dose of product. After this, the final transverse sealing is performed, as a result of which, the sleeve with product is hermetically closed.

For filling of dusty products, machine can be additionally equipped with ventilation system, which removes dust and other contaminants from sealing area. During the seam sealing, this device provides air-tight and safe packaging by preventing the presence of product’s small particles in the sealing area.

Sealed bag with product is cut off from film and then slides into the transport package (usually made of corrugated cardboard). Optionally, machine can be equipped with a special counting conveyor, which allows you to fill the transport package with specified number of sachets.

Today, 80% market-share of single-use packs belongs to sachets bags. Thus, new serial manufacturing of machinery works TAURAS-FENIX - the HSA-100 Sachet filling and packaging machine will become widely used, both in food and non-food products production.


The first horizontal-type machine HSA-100 Sachet was successfully launched at the LLC Aquamir facility. Machine was designed for filling and packaging of biologically active additive ZOSTERIN-ULTRA. It’s a new intestinal sorbent with a wide spectrum of effects, that helps the organism handle after-effects of diseases and side effects of medication consumption, by removing toxins, allergens, harmful microbes from the body, without damaging the beneficial flora and trace elements.

The requirements towards dosing performance for such fine powder are high. For doses between 0,5 and 1 g. the dosing deviation should be minimal. The minimal deviation also was achieved during Factory Acceptance Tests. Machine is user-friendly due to intuitive touchscreen and HMI and programmable recipes. Simple mechanical components and small number of lubricated moving elements allow to reduce expenses for maintenance and service. Therefore, training for operation of the equipment is quick and simple, making this machine prepared for employee turnover. The Machine features minimal power consumption: Sealing bars – are the most electricity consumptive parts.

"Thanks to TAURAS-FENIX employee performance, we have received equipment that has no analogues in the world. During the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to increase the production of medication that helps our citizens recover.

Thank you for your effort and prompt response time!”- A. I. Pakhomov, CEO of Aquamir LLC, thanked the TAURAS-FENIX company.

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