Benefits of milk for human’s health. For centuries, milk is considered the main product of human’s diet. This drink is not only the basis of all fermented milk products, but also widely spread among all areas of food industry. Color of the milk can vary from white to tints of yellow. The color defined by milk’s fat grade. Humansarecapableofdigestingmilkby 95%-98%. Nutritional value of milk is so high that with daily use it can satisfy an average day need of human’s body in fat, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral substances.

Milk bottling

Milk is a delicate product that demands close attention not only while manufacturing, but also while bottling and packaging. Workflow of manufacturing and bottling of this product organized correctly allows saving all the healthy properties. Modern milk filling, bottling and packaging equipment allows to bottle milk in Pur-Pak bottles and polyethylene pillow-bags. Milk bottling machines and lines должны must meet all sanitarian standards; perform hygienic bottling and packaging of product.