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TAURAS-FENIX Participates in RosUpack 2019 International Packaging Industry Exhibition

TAURAS-FENIX machinery works participated in the RosUpack-2019 branch specialised exhibition, which was held from June 18 to June 21 in the Moscow Crocus EXPO IEC.

The main theme of all exhibition and business events was the global issue of conscious consumption and consumers’ attitudes to environmental problems, the transition of the industrial sector representatives to a closed-cycle economy. During all 4 days the Convention and Exhibition Centre has become a single platform for discussing issues, presenting high technologies and capabilities of domestic and foreign enterprises of the packaging industry. Being a key player in the industry TAURAS-PFENIX machinery works takes into account trends in the ECO-culture development in the country and seriously approached the participation in the Exhibition. Based on the Exhibition general concept the plant presented to consumers a high-speed automated machine STICKPACK STP-250, designed for single-unit filling and packaging of free-flowing, dusty, small-piece and pasty products into the most popular packaging today – the stick-pack bags.

As you know small-size packaging format is of strong retail demand. This type of packaging is popular and economical. Stick-pack bags have compact dimensions, are convenient for storage/transportation, look presentable on grocery shelves, which is extremely important for business. But the most important advantage is packaging. On this equipment model it can be made of paper or biodegradable polymers. Today the use of ECO-friendly materials in the packaging industry is the mainstream, therefore socially responsible enterprises are more likely to choose packaging equipment that corresponds to the trends.

In the segment of oversized and small-sized packages of “stick” format TAURAS-FENIX is one of the few manufacturers in Russia engaged in the manufacture of this type of equipment. The machine presented at the exhibition works on a multithreaded principle therefore it has a number of advantages in comparison with other packaging solutions of domestic and even European origin.

Firstly, STICKPACK STP-250 is a high-performance machine. Due to the multi-flow operational principle the output will grow in proportion to the number of lanes installed. TAURAS-FENIX can manufacture a machine with two flows in which case the machine will deliver up to 120 packs per minute. Also, at the manufacturers’ request the equipment can have 12 lanes, which will allow customers to produce up to 720* packs per minute. The display sample on the stand was presented in a six-lane version with a kinematic capacity of up to 360 packs per minute.

Secondly, STICKPACK STP-250 equipment can be the optimal solution for both small and large enterprises. In the STICKPACK model line there were presented small-size and compact packaging machines with low productivity (for example, two-four-flow) but with guaranteed long service life, which is an economically reasonable choice of small enterprises. At the same time, to optimise production processes at large industrial enterprises customers can choose from six to twelve flows for their own needs. These solutions are easily embedded in high-tech lines and operate at high speeds, processing large volumes of raw materials.

In addition STICKPACK STP-250 is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and can be equipped with pneumatic and servo motor. Also the machine can work with any type of dispensers: volumetric, auger, weight or liquid, which means that on this type of equipment various products types can be packaged into stick-pack bags: free-flowing, liquid, powdery and gel-like consistency.

It should be noted that today containers type like stick-pack bags is trending in the FMCG market. Therefore in addition to food enterprises equipment may also be demanded by pharmaceutical or chemical industry companies.

During several days of the Exhibition the Crocus EXPO visitors showed a high interest in the TAURAS-FENIX packaging solutions. During 4 days the Company’s specialists held about 500 working meetings and negotiations.

* Actual performance depends on the type of product and its characteristics.

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