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The TAURAS-FENIX equipment will be presented in Greece


The major international FOODTECH exhibition of premium class food and beverages will be held in Greece from October 12 to October 14, 2019.
The exhibition will be dedicated to the food and beverage manufacturing, processing and packaging technologies. The event is held once per two years. It hosts the industry experts in manufacturing and packaging of food products, including food business owners, senior business managers, engineers and other specialists.

The TAURAS-FENIX packing and packaging equipment produced in Russia will be presented in the Greek region by the distributor of the factory products - the Kapelis Packaging.

The company's booth will feature the following machines:

  • SACHET SAP-400 packaging machine. The multi-row machine is designed for portioned packaging of bulk products. The equipment belongs to the segment of low-cost machines. It is compact-sized. It constitutes a perfect solution for small and medium businesses. The machine may be equipped with a volumetric, screw, weighing or liquid dispenser. The kinematic efficiency reaches 80 cycles per minute.
  • PASTPACK R2 - the high-performance equipment is designed for dosage packaging of liquid and paste products with admixed soft and easily deformable components sized up to 10 mm into plastic containers with various shapes and sizes, followed by sealing with foil and capping with plastic caps. The increased rotor diameter (R2) makes it possible to fit the machine with more auxiliary units (e.g. for sealing of containers with film combined with capping), as well as with additional dispensers for packing of two-component products. The maximum diameter of containers increases up to 190 mm, which enables packing into buckets with the volume of up to 3 liters, as well as into containers of non-standard shapes. The kinematic efficiency reaches 35 cycles per minute.
  • PASTPACK 2Р2V/Traysealer - the packaging machine is designed for film sealing of ready-made containers (trays/containers) with the possibility to vacuumize packages and fill them with modified gaseous media (MAP). The equipment operates in the semi-automatic mode. Optionally, containers may be fed from the collector (cassette-type). The packaging machine enables packaging of products both into typical rectangular trays and into containers of completely non-standard sizes and shapes. The popularity of this type of containers is predetermined by its low cost and diversity. Due to this, the equipment is most often purchased by enterprises manufacturing products in small volumes. The kinematic efficiency reaches 33* cycles per minute.
    *Without inert gas injections.
  • LINEPACK F3M with automatic stacking - the automatic machine is designed for packaging of piece products (cookies, waffles, marshmallows, cutlets, pancakes, bread rolls, soap, dish-washing sponges etc.) into flow-pack three-seam bags. All actuating mechanisms are controlled by servo drives. The horizontal automatic machine may be manufactured both from stainless steel (for "aggressive", humid or frozen products), and from carbon steel covered with powder paint. A wide range of bag sizes, as well as a large set of additional options, make the automatic machine versatile with comparatively small sizes. The machine is equipped with crumb collectors (under the longitudinal and transversal sealing units), which facilitates its cleansing in the course of operation. The kinematic efficiency reaches 120* cycles per minute.
    *If a single-position sealing jaw is used.
  • Triblock 2000 is a high-speed and cost-effective machine for packing of liquid diary products into PET bottles. The equipment is one of the most popular solutions in the bottling sector. The high-tech line enables completing the full complex of processes: rinsing and bottling of products followed by capping of containers with plastic caps with safety rings. The monoblock equipment layout has the following advantages: compact size of the machine, precise synchronization of operation of the devices contained in it, simplicity and convenience in operation, possibility to ensure stricter hygiene and sanitary standards due to the confined space of the automatic machine and clean medium. Kinematic efficiency: up to 2000 bottles per hour.
    *For containers having the volume of 1 liter.
  • PITPACK MZH 2500 is a vertical packaging machine designed for dosing and packing of liquid and paste products into heat sealable bags. The specific structural features of the machine enable high-speed dosage of both liquid and viscous flowing products. The equipment is adapted for the CIP-washing devices utilized by food industry enterprises. The high-speed machine has excellently proven its operation in major diary factories. The kinematic efficiency reaches 42 cycles per minute.

Venue: Greece, Spata, ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO A.E. Exhibition Center
Exhibition: Foodtech Expo Greece 2019
Lounge 3, Booth C02- D01
Date: October 12-14, 2019

For more information about the packaging equipment of TAURAS-FENIX leave your contacts and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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