Russian exhibition AGROPRODMASH-2019 | «Таурас-Феникс» Санкт-Петербург

TAURAS FENIX invites you to the AGROPRODMASH-2019 exhibition.

The main Russian exhibition of the food and processing industry AGROPRODMASH-2019 is to take place in Moscow at the Expocenter Cultural and Exhibition Center from October 7 to October 11, 2019.

At the exhibition, the TAURAS-FENIX will present its top models of packing and packaging machines, the automatic bottling machine and confectionery equipment.

A versatile automatic machine substituting several previous PITPACK series models.
PITPACK М3М with a multihead dispenser AMATA-KATE-210-RDE is a high-performance machine for packing and packaging of bulk food and non-food products with vertical formation of containers from a roll of heat-sealable film.

This type of machines is notable for the forming tubes with highly variable diameters and geometrical shapes, due to which the machine will constitute an effective solution for dosage packing both in standard sizes and in large volumes (vegetables, fruit, feeds, fertilizers, construction materials). PITPACK M3M packets may be produced with the effective volume of up to 10 liters.

The equipment is easy to operate. The specific structural features of the automatic machine enable manufacturers to change formats simply and quickly, because the film unwinding unit is located above the machine frame, not inside the body. In contrast to the other models, the sealing unit set on the machine will ensure stronger seals on bags. It is also possible to manufacture bags of various modifications: the pouch bag with a flat bottom, with sealed edges, which has such additional options as euroslot, cutout handle, 3-finger cutting, label, ZIP fastener and holes of other configurations.

For precise packing, the equipment is fitted with a combination dispenser АМАТА-КАТЕ-210-RDE.
At the exhibition, the equipment will be presented through the example of packing of the popular EcoSnacks - fruit crisps. Due to the polyethylene package, the product will be protected from moisture and mechanical damages. Packing the product, we preserve its bright taste and the benefit of the daily vitamin dose. At the exhibition, the participants will be able to experience it first-hand.

Kinematic efficiency: up to 140 cycles per minute.

The company's bestseller in the bottling sector is a high-speed and cost-effective machine for packing of liquid milk products into PET bottles – Triblock 2000

The high-tech line enables performing a full complex of processes - the equipment provides rinsing and bottling of products, followed by capping the containers with plastic caps fitted with safety rings.

Kinematic efficiency: up to 2000* bottles per hour.
*for containers of up to 1 liter.

LINEPACK F3M BoxMotion is a horizontal machine for packaging of various products in polypropylene film (Flow-Pack package).

The equipment is capable of packaging of any products, including frozen semi-prepared food. To handle them, the machine may be manufactured with an increased degree of protection against atmospheric and climatic influence, as well as against the influence of water and dust.

One of the key units is the transversal sealing Boxmotion system due to which the customer can handle heavy-duty packaging materials by preserving high productivity.

The machine equipped with the MAP technology (displacement of air with inert gases in the bag) supports the freshness of products and ensures the shelf life duration.

The exhibition visitors will be able to study all the functions of the presented automatic machine in the booth of the manufacturer company. The machine's operation will be demonstrated through the example of packing of such healthy product as arugula.

Kinematic efficiency: up to 60 cycles per minute.

An indispensable assistant at any confectionery or baking enterprise is the extruder fitted with with a cutting module. The automatic machine forms workpieces for manufacturing of candy, fruit, protein and baked bars, as well as for similar confectionery products. The machine may be used with a system of transporters. Upon request, the machine may be fitted with a module for guillotine or ultrasonic cutting. If it is necessary to cool the bars, the cooling tunnel is used.

This equipment will be featured through the example of manufacturing protein bars - the most popular confectionary products for today.

Kinematic efficiency: up to 150 - 250 kg per hour

We invite everybody to evaluate the quality of products manufactured and packed on the domestic equipment of the TAURAS FENIX brand.

We are waiting for you at our booth: 14, Krasnopresnenskaya quay, Moscow, EXPOCENTER CULTURAL AND EXHIBITION CENTER, pavilion 1, booth 1D50.

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