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TAURAS-FENIX Conducts Dealers’ Training

TAURAS-FENIX machinery works specialising in the production of packaging equipment for the food industry conducted scheduled dealers’ training.

Annually the Company holds events for human resources development. The global goal of such events is to organise an effective direct interaction between dealers and the manufacturer regarding automatic packaging machines sale, pre-commissioning, after-sales service, maintenance, etc.

This year dealers’ training took place from June 13 to June 14, 2019. More than 20 representatives of various cities and regions of Russia – Samara, Krasnodar, Saratov, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as colleagues from the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Bashkortostan – participated in the educational events.

During the meeting dealerships representatives visited all TAURAS-FENIX production sites. Busy agenda included trends and model range of filling and packaging equipment manufactured by the plant this year, analysis of cases for each direction on the examples of large food enterprises in Russia. Mentors from the plant’s Engineering Department and the technical staff gave a series of lectures to the enterprise’s regional representatives on vertical and linear equipment, on automatic packaging machines and group packaging. The heads of the relevant fields of the Engineering Department explained all details, talked about the machines design and the basic units’ operation principles. Special attention was paid to the completing of the proposed equipment with additional options and systems that meet the initial request for the manufacture of an exclusive product and meet the customer’s financial capabilities and needs.

TAURAS-FENIX pays special attention to the development of corporate governance. “We carefully monitor the quality of the equipment produced and stand over our intermediaries in terms of their compliance with our internal regulations for product promotion in the Russian market. We replicate our best practices with maximum efficiency. Together with our regional colleagues we studied sales scripts, sorted out non-standard cases, learned the basics of the Company's marketing strategy”, comments Marketing Director Tatyana Gordeeva. “For us a dealer is the regions’ voice, a direct voicer of consumers’ opinion. It is very important for us to conduct an effective dialogue with colleagues and regularly receive feedback from them about the quality of the products sold, the attitude of our service departments to the client and their remote work on our equipment checkout.”

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