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The TAURAS-FENIX packaging machines will be presented in the UAE


The Russian machine-building TAURAS-FENIX plant is presenting its packaging equipment at the industry exhibition Gulfood Manufacturing which will be held from October 29 to October 31, 2019 in Dubai.

The major industry actors will gather at the largest food industry exhibition in the Persian Gulf region. They represent state-of-the-art equipment and technological solutions for optimization of industries, as well as innovative packaging materials. The packing and packaging equipment of the Saint Petersburg-based TAURAS-FENIX brand will be presented at the collective booth of the Russian Export Center joint-stock company. The exposition of the russian manufacturers "Made in Russia" will demonstrate the potential of the country's food industry.

Equipment presented:
  • PASTPACK 2R is the machine for dosed packing of liquid and pasty products with admixed soft and deformable components into plastic containers of various shapes and sizes. The kinematic efficiency reaches 35 packages per minute.
  • Clipping device is a packaging semi-automatic machine designed for closing ready-made bags with products by using clips. It is possible to regulate the pitch angle of the output table, which is especially relevant for packaging of long and fragile products. The kinematic efficiency reaches 30 cycles per minute.
  • STICKPACK STP-250 is an automatic packaging machine designed for portion packing and packaging of bulk, dusty, small and viscous products. Such compact and cost-effective machine is highly productive due to simultaneous operation of several streams (1 to 6). The kinematic efficiency reaches 360 packages per minute.
  • PITPACK 1004 N is a vertical automatic machine designed for careful packing and packaging of food and non-food products into three-seam bags formed from rolls of heat-sealable material. The machine ensures careful packing of products due to the ability to tilt the product passage tract. The pitch is selected within the limits of 0-45°, depending on the features of the product packed. The kinematic efficiency reaches 80 cycles per minute.
  • LINEPACK F3M - the automatic machine is designed for packaging of piece products (cookies, waffles, marshmallows, cutlets, pancakes, bread rolls, soap, dish-washing sponges etc.) into flow-pack three-seam bags. The wide range of bag sizes makes it possible to handle a large assortment of products. The kinematic efficiency reaches 120* cycles per minute. *If the single-position seal jaw is used.

At the exhibition, the equipment manufactured by the official representative of the TAURAS-FENIX plant in the Middle East market - SIGITASPAK FZE - will also be presented.

The company will demonstrate the potential of high-speed machines manufactured in Italy:

  • ECOSPEEDY- the equipment for large-dosage packing. The machine's potential will be demonstrated through the example of packing rice. The kinematic efficiency reaches up to 110 (servo) packages per minute.
  • SCREAM, a high-productivity vertical automatic packaging machine. The machine will be presented through the example of packing nuts. The kinematic efficiency reaches 180 packages per minute.

Venue: UAE, Dubai, World Trade Center
Dates: 29.10.2019-31.10.2019
SIGITASPAK FZE booth - lounge 8, booth Е8-28,
The Russian participatory booth (TAURAS-FENIX equipment) - lounge 8, booth E8-4

For more information about the packaging equipment of TAURAS-FENIX leave your contacts and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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