Managers of agricultural enterprises from the Republic of Sakha visited TAURAS-FENIX machinery works


December 9–13, businessmen from Yakutia attended business events in Saint Petersburg. The delegation included the heads of farms and agricultural processing cooperatives.

As part of the interregional business event, heads of farms from the Republic of Sakha visited TAURAS-FENIX machinery works.

During the meeting the guests had a tour around the production sites and were shown the equipment fleet and the R&D bureau where a group of design engineers develop the equipment. They create unique filling and packaging solutions and production automation systems. TAURAS -FENIX R&D bureau holds 90 patents for inventions, utility models and industry prototypes.

The delegates visited the metal cutting site, where they could observe the operation of the metalworks processing facility of the plant: laser cutting, water jet cutting machines, a number of CNC machines, as well as milling cutters.

During the meeting the guests were told about the quality control system implemented at the plant. This system enables workers to detect errors and provide corrections on-the-go. Each part manufactured at the plant undergoes testing to verify compliance with the design documents. The quality control system developed by the quality control department utilizes a set of acceptance testing procedures along with so-called continuous equipment trial, which is run for 72 hours. The company’s procurement department is responsible for thorough screening of suppliers and components on-receipt inspection.

Further, the delegation, lead by the plant’s technical director, proceeded to the dairy products packaging site, where they could clearly see the variety of automatic packaging units for bottling liquid and viscous-flow dairy products into PET bottles and sealing them with plastic caps with retaining rings.

The delegation was particularly interested in the machine used for dosing and packaging of liquid (including dairy products) and spread products into heat-sealing bags.

Бизнес миссия Якутии

Finally, the delegation visited the main building of the plant where the delegates could see the assembly line and the final cycle of the production process, where the equipment for dry goods prepackaging and packaging is being adjusted.

It should be noted that all equipment being manufactured at the plant is trial-run in the continuous mode for several days both with and without the product load. No machine is shipped without having undergone this test. Before the equipment is released, it is checked for completeness, marked and packaged for further transportation to the customer.

TAURAS-FENIX produces equipment which can be used in the food shops with sterile environments making products for children and adults.

Products of many known brands on the food market are packaged using the TAURAS-FENIX equipment.

Baltiyskiy Bereg, Molochnaya Kultura, Piskaryovskoye, Iletskaya salt, Sarmich, Aidigo, Losevo, Nevskiy Konditer, just to name a few, are among the products packaged using the equipment manufactured by TAURAS-FENIX machinery works.

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