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Alcoholic beverages are drinks with ethanol alcohol. Depending on the percentage of ethanol, products in this category are subdivided into spirits, wine and beer. Sale of alcoholic beverages is currently the most profitable business that requires continuous improvement of equipment for production as well as bottling and packaging of alcoholic beverages.

TAURAS-FENIX offers high-end modern equipment of European quality, allowing you quickly and qualitatively package alcoholic beverages in following types of packaging:

In addition to devices for individual packaging company offers equipment of linear type for group transport packaging.

Wine belongs to the category of alcoholic beverages obtained by fermentation of the grape juice. Taste of wine and its shelf life is largely determined by the right choice of packaging. Initially wine was stored in clay jars, then leather wineskins, in wooden barrels, then bottling in bottles has started. TAURAS-FENIX Company manufactures modern equipment for wine bottling, allowing for the packaging of wines in the following packaging:

Presented by company wine bottling lines feature high technological effectiveness and ease of operation.

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