Yoghurts are varied: fruit, diet, fat-free, nutritious, fortified with vitamins, with flakes, berries, chocolate and muesli. And they are, without a doubt, the favorite treat of millions of people. Both children and adults have yogurt for breakfast or light supper, as a healthy snack during the day or as perfect dressing for fruit salad, vegetables, meat or porridge. It is ideal for creating delicacies in the kitchen.
 There are short shelf life yoghurts and long shelf life yoghurts depending on the processing method. Products after heat treatment do not have lactic acid bacteria at all, and therefore can be stored up to 30 days after production. Preservatives extend the storage time significantly.


Tauras-Fenix machines fill yoghurt into the following types of packaging:

  • Gable Top - bright and attractive package that looks good both on the store shelf and in the fridge at home. It is stable, takes up little space, folds easily to be disposed after use. The surface of the package is ideal for placing branded content, advertising, promotional and useful information. You can package drinking yoghurt into Gable Top bags of 0,2 to 2 kg. Choose the color and shape of the caps to your taste.
  • PET bottle - lightweight, durable and practical packaging for drinking yoghurts. it is stable due to quality concave design of the bottom of the bottle. Surface of the bottle can be painted or covered with branded shrink wrap.
  • Cup - shatterproof, used for packaging yogurt, excludes the ingress of container fragments into the product. Cups are ideal for packaging yoghurt, as they are stable, have small footprint and protect the product from environmental influences.
  • Plastic containers - like cups, are stable and practical for packaging yoghurt. Two-compartment container with a topper is a big hit for pairing yogurt with fruit toppings as well as crunchy cereal mix-ins.
  • Bucket - is perfect for packaging mayonnaise, sour cream, cottage cheese or even yogurt. It is good sized, practical, stable and hermetically sealed with a tight-fitting lid and a handle. Low-cost lightweight plastic packaging.
  • Pillow bag - a flat three side seal pillow pouch for dairy products, including drinking yoghurt.
  • Doy-pack - stand-up plastic pouch with a bottom, which enables it to stand upright on its own. For liquid yoghurts the container with a lid is most often used. It is ideal for children's pre-portioned breakfast or snack. This popular packaging has excellent printing quality for  images of beloved cartoon characters.


Tauras-Fenix manufactures automatic machines for packaging yoghurt at dairy factories in Russia and the CIS.
  Yogurt can’t be stored for a prolonged period, so sterility is key to packaging along with temperature and filling speed. Tauras-Fenix offers several solutions. Our managers will select the necessary equipment for packaging yoghurt in cups within your price range. We offer large multi-purpose machines for large enterprises and small footprint machines upgradable for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Pitpack automatic machines for filling and packaging liquid products in bags

Pitpak packaging equipment is stainless steel machines with yogurt dispensers. Product line includes cost-friendly small footprint machines. Yoghurt packaging lines can be selected for a specific production, capable of further upgrading.

Pastpak vertical packaging and filling machines

Basic budget friendly models for small enterprises and complex manifold dispensers for industrial efficiency. The line for packaging yoghurts with fruit toppings is an autonomous machine that works with plastic containers. Human involvement in the process is minimal, since the equipment is fully automated and processes packaging from product feeding to sealing.

Filling lines, triblocks

Popular equipment among modern milk producers as well as other food and non-food producers. Yoghurt filling line allows for filling product in PET bottles, jars, cans and buckets. The machine seals the container with a screw cap automatically. Each machine has separate rinsing, dispensing and sealing modules. All machines can be configured with additional modules: for ozonizing water, labeling bottles and group packaging.

Gable Top filling equipment

Drinking yoghurt is packaged in rectangular cardboard bags with caps. The machine forms containers from flat blanks, dispenses the product, hermetically seals and caps the bag, stamps the date and term of preservation. Corrosion-resistant steel eliminates mixing of foreign smells and tastes, the machines are CIP-cleanable and come in the Ultra Clean version as well.

Doy-pack filling machines

Yoghurt is packaged in soft doy-pack containers. Compact version works with ready-made bags and the larger industrial scale machine makes bags from a roll of film.

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