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Gingerbread is a flour-based pastry that consists of nuts, candied fruits, raisins, jam or flavorings. Modern market conditions require constant extension of assortment being made for selling the product along with the colorful attractive package. That's why gingerbread production line ought to include the following equipment:

  • jigging machine;
  • filling and packaging equipment

TAURAS-FENIX uses the most modern equipment for making gingerbread along with the equipment for gingerbread filling and packaging into the following bag types:

  • "Pillow" bag.
  • "Flat bottom" bag.
  • "Boilededges" bag.

Other equipment from this group

up to 25 cycles/min.
up to 30 bpm
Adjustable rotary platform angle
up to 90 dose/min
10 weighing pockets, 2 levels
up to 20 dose/min
Basic model
up to 45 cycles/min.
up to 60 bpm
Compact dimensions
up to 65 cycles/min.
up to 90 cycles/min.
up to 900 kg/h
up to 120 cycles/min.
up to 40 dose/min
Two-lane operational mode
up to 80 cycles/min.
up to 90 cycles/min
up to 120 cycles/min.
Up to 250 kg/h
up to 60 dose/min
Three-lane operational mode
up to 140 dose/min
14 weighing pockets, 2 levels
up to 300 kg/h