Machine-Building Industry Development Meeting | «Таурас-Феникс» Санкт-Петербург

TAURAS-FENIX Management Participates in the Meeting on Production Robotisation

robotizaciyaSigitas Mitskus, President of TAURAS-FENIX JSC, and Svetlana Danilina, the Director General of the plant, participated as experts in the meetings on the machine-building industry development. On February 20, 2019, Government officials and industry representatives gathered at the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP) to jointly discuss the interaction of machine builders with higher education institutions, understand the robotisation trends of food production and build plans for the industry development in 2019.

In addition, as part of the event, the opening ceremony of a food engineering personnel training centre furnished with Russian equipment was held.

The pilot project was launched at the premises of the Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP). The classroom was furnished with equipment for cooking cold and hot dishes; a professional kitchen-studio was built, where students will be continuously trained.

This project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Yevgeny Korchevoy, Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Road-Building Machinery of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Balykhin, Rector of Moscow State University of Food Production (MGUPP), as well as representatives of relevant Associations and industrial enterprises participated in the opening ceremony.

Successful implementation of the project should draw attention of the country’s leading universities and the largest players in the domestic food engineering market to the innovative approaches introduction in organising training for the industry.

Starting from the 1st year students of the opened in Moscow Department will get acquainted with Russian equipment and will in the future be able to both work at food enterprises and to service equipment and design its new types.

The scaling of such projects will contribute to the modernisation of the universities’ technical base, which will qualitatively increase the level of specialists’ training and boost the students’ interest in trade learning.

After visiting the classrooms and auditoriums a meeting was held with the business community and educational institutions’ representatives, during which the results of annual development of the machine-building industry for the food and processing industry in 2018 were summed up, cooperation prospects between universities and plants for targeted student learning were outlined, and problems associated with the enterprises and universities interaction were specified.

The event ended with the solemn signing of cooperation agreements between MGUPP and the following associations and enterprises: Rosspetsmash Association, Frigoglass Eurasia LLC, Mister Degree LLC, Vladimir Bakery Complex JSC and National Association of Culinary Specialists of Russia.

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