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Results of Dairy and Meat Industry-2019 Exhibition

From February 19 to February 22, 2019, the Dairy and Meat Industry annual industrial exhibition was held at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre in Moscow, where the Russian plant TAURAS-FENIX demonstrated equipment for dairy and fermented dairy products filling in different packaging containers.

At the exhibition, the Company presented three models of packaging and filling equipment, including the horizontal device LINEPACK F3М Box-Motion designed for packaging of long-term shelf-life products using the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) technology (inert gas flushing); PITPACK МZH 2500, a vertical solution for packaging of pasty and liquid products in a soft pillow-bag. But the exhibitors showed special attention to the absolute novelty – PASTPACK R2/multi-component product. Plant designers developed this model for packaging of multi-component products. The rotary machine is designed for packaging of products in ready-made polymer containers with their subsequent closure. The designed machine PASTPACK R2/multi-component product is considered small-sized: its weight does not exceed 1.3 tons, length is 3.2 m and height is 2.1 m. The performance of filling equipment starts at 20 packs per minute. Structurally the machine consists of a rotary conveyor system with quick-release liners for cups and three types of dispensers. The manufacturer can package various combinations of multi-component products depending on the selected fillers. Yoghurt, cottage cheese mousse, curds mass, sour cream, ice cream and even sauces can be packaged on this model as the main product. The use of dry loose components (flakes, granola, rice balls, nuts, dragee, even mini-biscuits) as additional toppings as well as liquid toppings (confiture, marmalade, jam, honey, chocolate paste, syrup, etc.) is possible.

The new PASTPAK R2/multi-component product has a wide range of options, which allows you to easily integrate the machine into existing at the enterprise production lines and automate all processes. It should be noted that this model allows you to implement two different principles for the containers feeding. In case of equipment integration in the line the containers feeding can be carried out from the in-feed conveyor. During the device autonomous operation, the containers feeding is made from container dispensing magazine. The manufacturer also offers two versions of the machine for container hermetic sealing. The equipment can be furnished with a unit for automatic foil placing on the containers or more economical option is installation of the unit for sealing containers with film. For an economical consumption of the product the packaging equipment manufacturer recommends using a sensor for monitoring the presence of cups in the rotor liners. In addition the machine can be equipped with cup deformation device to give the effect of concave foil. This option will allow you to remove excess air in the container and preserve the quality of the packaged product and its market condition.

The exhibitors’ interest to this machine aroused due to the fact that today multi-component products are of strong retail demand and manufacturers see this as their benefit – low percentage of multi-component products on the Russian market suggests that such product is worthwhile. Perhaps one of the most popular requests at the exhibition was yogurt with fruit and berry filler. The TAURAS-FENIX brand PASTPACK R2/multi-component product will fit perfectly for that type of product packaging.

It should be underlined that the equipment for packaging of dairy products must have a number of specific characteristics that directly affect the product preservation, quality and compliance with all standards.

The Company’s employees conducted more than 300 operational negotiations with existing and potential customers, explained to the partners the advantages of the equipment produced by TAURAS-FENIX. The bodies of packaging machines and bottling machines for dairy products are made of special food grade AISI 304 stainless steel with a certain degree of protection, and all components of the machines and metal parts in contact with the products are made of corrosion-resistant materials authorised by the Rospotrebnadzor. Domestic packaging machines for filling and bottling of dairy products are equipped with modern process control systems for filling, capping and cleaning. Thus the ULTRA CLEAN system, with which the most of the brand’s machines is equipped, allows you to pack the product in a clean environment. To preserve the microbiological parameters of the product components the main modules are treated with sterile air, the chamber covering the dosing, placing and foil sealing positions is treated with 30% hydrogen peroxide solution. The closures — the container and the foil — are also disinfected by UV-radiation, which has a significant impact on the microbiological safety and shelf life of packaged products.

In conclusion it should be noted that the Dairy and Meat Industry Exhibition was attended by more than 240 companies with an international name. Every year enterprises present innovative equipment and technologies for dairy production, including TAURAS-FENIX that once again demonstrated its ability to make unique and comprehensive filling and packaging solutions suitable both for small enterprises and dairy farms, which have to operate in conditions of limited space, and for major customers planning to boost the output.

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