ULTRA CLEAN PRO DEVICE from TAURAS-FENIX. Packaging into plastic containers!


TAURAS-FENIX upgraded PASTPAK 4L — a device for packaging liquid and paste-like products of various shapes into plastic containers with the addition of soft, easily deformable components of up to 10 mm in size, followed by sealing with foil and capping with a plastic cover — to the version ULTRA CLEAN PRO.

PASTPACK 4L ULTRA CLEAN PRO is a hardware equipment whose disinfection systems not only meet the requirements of hygiene class IV presented in the generally accepted VDMI classifier, but have also been modified by the manufacturer with consideration to all the requirements of customers that arise during operation.


Every day, modern dairy plants work to improve the production hygiene, which is one of the most important contributors to the quality of the product, as well as its shelf life.When it comes to filling and packaging, the most crucial factor in maintaining quality of the product is to avoid contamination, since microorganisms spread not only through the service personnel and low-quality raw materials, but also come from air, water, packaging materials, and product residues in the dosage systems that result from inadequate washing.

This is why TAURAS-FENIX pays the utmost attention to systems that provide high-grade material disinfection and support bottling and packaging in a pristine environment.


Linear Pastpak 4L boasts an increased level of hygiene backed up by antibacterial treatment of monocups and foil with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) of up to 35% concentration.Containers and foil are processed in two stages.During the first stage, containers and foil are disinfected with the steam of hydrogen peroxide in a special chamber prior to packaging. Afterwards, they are treated with a stream of hot sterile air. Exhaust air with disinfectant residues is removed from the sterilization chamber and the working space through an exhaust probe.The temperature of the evaporator, the dose of hydrogen peroxide, and the temperature of drying the cups are managed from the touch control panel of the machine.

The device is completely sealed off by a protective chamber made of stainless steel with a boost of sterile air. It is also adapted for a CIP sink.


  Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min.   136
  Round cup diameter, max, mm  110
  Rectangle container size, mm   125х110
  Cup/container height, max, mm  120
  Slots transporting system drive unit   Servo
  Doser of the main product, ml
  Power supply   380 V,  50 Hz
  Power consumption, kW  18
  Air pressure, MPa  0,6
  Air consumption, l/min  3000
  Machine length, mm  6510
  Machine width, mm  1950
  Machine height, mm  3290
  Machine weight, kg  3500
  Structure material     Stainless steel  

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