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Meeting on Opening of Joint Branch Departments with Domestic Industrial Enterprises at TAURAS-FENIX.

On February 7, 2019, a meeting on the opening of joint branch departments with domestic industrial enterprises to create high-tech industries was held at TAURAS-FENIX machinery works. During the business meeting, Yevgeny Ivanovich Yelin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, examined the Company’s production facilities.

The meeting was attended by federal and regional authorities’ officials as well as representatives of relevant associations and machine-building enterprises, including S. G. Mitin, Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, Ye. I. Yelin, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, M. I. Elkina, Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Road-Building Machinery of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Yu. Yu. Kalabin, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations, A. S. Maksimov, Chairman of the Committee for Science and High School, E. M. Razinkina, Vice-Rector for Educational Activities, Doctor of Education and Full Professor of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education (FSAEI HE). From the host part, Sigitas Mitskus, Company’s President, and the Svetlana Danilina, Director General, took on the role of the spokespersons.

The key topic of the discussion was the creation of basic departments at Russian machine-building enterprises. The event’s participants spoke about the integration of domestic production into the programs of targeted training, work experience and vocational training. Government officials spoke for the manufacturing enterprises’ need to use the potential of Russian higher education institutions for the development of high-tech industries, as well as for on-site high technologies introduction.

The existing innovative solutions already cover many areas. High technology in enterprises is a phenomenon that is becoming widespread. More and more tools are used to automate processes and increase productivity, reduce product defects, improve logistics processes efficiency, ensure safety and, most importantly, to train employees.

As the enterprise’s Director General Svetlana Danilina noted in her speech, arrangement of modern high-tech industries depends on many factors, but the key one is still the personnel development system and use of technologies that can help increase productivity and expand specialists’ knowledge base and competencies. In her opinion, it is necessary to update the existing teaching aids and approve new educational programs related to the integration of augmented and virtual reality technologies into high-tech equipment. In fact, today’s research shows that augmented and virtual reality can surely be considered a real breakthrough in the educational field. This approach allows us to better assimilate information, memorise its larger volumes, stimulate discipline and increase the involvement level among young professionals. The role of innovation in the educational and production process is obvious to all experienced managers. Thus, Sigitas Mitskus, President of TAURAS-FENIX, believes that it is the well-coordinated work of Russian manufacturers and educational institutions that will increase the level of specialists’ competence in the industry and stimulate the development of innovation activity in the Russian economy.

In addition to personnel issues, the meeting also raised the issue of implementing an investment project for the construction of a new plant of TAURAS-FENIX JSC. The implemented project for the new buildings of the manufacturing enterprise construction will provide 800 new jobs and will allow production of up to 250 filling and packaging equipment units with the capacity of more than 2.4 billion roubles per year.

EYVGENY YELIN, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg:

“We are at the enterprise that exports its equipment. It is competitive and present in the global market. We, as a city, are extremely interested in this. We get exports, we get investments. And the subject of interaction arises, how we can help”.

According to Yevgeny Yelin, the current situation in the city can be called an investment reset. Based on successful industrial clusters – pharmaceuticals, machine-building and processing industry – an updated system will be built, which shall bring profit to St. Petersburg and improve its reputation in the market.

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