Feeding conveyor of belt type, straight


  The straight belt conveyor is designed to feed the product to the dosing system of the packaging machine. The shape of the conveyor is suitable for operation with lower-placed dosing systems, such as one-, two-, three-, and four-lane flow weighers, as well as various volumetric fillers. The belt allows to use the conveyor with both large products (e.g. baked goods) and granulated products (e.g. sugar). Furthermore, the belt conveyor has higher production capacity and lower noise level. Depending on the product, the conveyor can be manufactured in painted metal or stainless steel. The standard vibrating hopper volume is 160 l. The conveyor can also be equipped with a vibrating hopper for fragile products (120 l). Optional belt cover and tray are available as well.
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/min. 80L
Power supply 220 W, 50 Gz
Power consumption, kW 0,75
Machine length, mm 5200
Machine width, mm 1400
Machine height, mm 4300
Machine weight, kg 280
Structure material painted metal / stainless

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