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Equipment for filling and packaging of various types of cheese


TAURAS-FENIX has developed an automated packaging line for Mozzarella per pizza cheese for the Altai Cheese Plant PLAVYCH. One of the largest producers of cottage cheese and processed cheese in the Siberian Federal District. The company's products are delivered to 40 regions of Russia, Europe and neighboring countries.


Mozzarella per pizza is one of the most popular products of the Altai cheese factory. According to Russian and European pizzaiolo reviews, this cheese is considered to be as good in quality as the famous Italian pizza cheeses and is a worthy product in the market of import substitution. 


During the development of the equipment, several important tasks of the production process had to be solved.

  • The limited height of the ceilings of the production area.
  • Extended shelf life of the product without the use of preservatives.

  • Reducing the area of contact between the equipment and the product to prevent product sticking to the surface of the machine.



TAURAS-FENIX has developed a custom Z-shaped conveyor for ergonomic arrangement of filling equipment, which solved the problem of low ceilings in the production.

PITPAK SMART filling and packaging machine made it possible to increase the shelf life of the product, thanks to a special system for packaging in an inert gas atmosphere.

The AMATA-KATE-210-R Multi-head parts that come into contact with the product are made of corrugated stainless steel, which minimizes the product contact area and prevents product buildup.


Mozzarella per pizza in the form of topping - cheese already grated into cubes or slices - is especially popular with pizza makers. This exquisite cheese melts when baked and creates an appetizing "leopard" pattern on the pizza. 


After the launch of the TAURAS-FENIX packing complex at the PLAVYCH plant, Mozzarella is delivered in grated form in a transparent package, which allows customers to immediately appreciate its visual appeal. 

How the system works

The packaging of Mozzarella per pizza is carried out using a filling and packaging complex designed at the TAURAS-FENIX engineering plant.


The entire process - from the making of the topping to its placement in the commercial package - is fully automated and does not require additional personnel involvement, which significantly reduces labor costs.

  • The cheese, sliced or diced at the automatic grater, is fed by the belt conveyor into the AMATA-KATE-210-R multihead doser, which is equipped with 10 weight pockets and a special synchronization hopper.
  • The machine works based on the principle of combination dosing, which ensures high accuracy and speed. 
  • All equipment parts are made of corrugated stainless steel. Thanks to this their area of contact with the product is minimal, which prevents it from sticking.


  • The product then enters the packaging machine via a conveyor belt. The Z-conveyor was customized for this system to accommodate the low ceilings in the particular production area.
  • Products are packaged by a PITPAK SMART vertical filling and packaging machine. Depending on the needs, the cheese is packed in two types of bags: flat bottom pouch for 200 and 300 gram portions and pillow bag for 1 kg portions. 
  • The machine is equipped with a special system for packaging in an inert gas atmosphere, which increases the shelf life without the use of preservatives. 


TAURAS-FENIX manufactures equipment for filling and packaging of cheese both for large enterprises and for small and medium-sized businesses.

The equipment for cheese varies in the principle of operation, the possibility of using MAP-technology to create a modified gas atmosphere and the trajectory of packaging movement. 

Packaging machine lines are available in basic or more complex configurations with additional filling options.

Fresh and high-quality cheese for the customer

The TAURAS-FENIX packaging lines allow you to pack different types of cheese in convenient and popular with customers packaging, which preserves the original flavor and aroma of the product: 

  • Hard cheeses (pieces, grated, sliced);
  • Mozzarella;
  • Processed and cream cheese;
  • Cottage cheese.
*The packaging process can utilize a modified atmosphere technology for better product storage, without the use of dangerous or harmful preservatives. 

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Equipment for filling and packaging of various types of cheese

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