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Service center

Highly professional and timely service is a key to successful equipment operation, which allows you to most effectively organize the production process on the new equipment and to eliminate long downtime and associated costs. TAURAS-FENIX service centers are located in more than 10 Russian cities, as well as in Europe and Asia.


This application confirms that:

1. The equipment is prepared for operation. It is installed at the workplace, all necessary communications are brought, and all the required preliminary works are completed.

2. We undertake to provide the necessary conditions for operation, compliance with the rules of occupational safety and industrial sanitation, unhindered access to equipment for specialists arriving at our call, as well as bringing in and carrying out the required tools, accessories and technical means.

3. We guarantee the return of replaced units, parts, components within the period specified in this application, but in any case no later than the day following the receipt of new units, parts, components by the Buyer.

4. If the Seller finds out that the failure of equipment or its part has occurred as a result of operation rules violation after receiving the replaced parts, units and components, we undertake to pay the cost of the replaced units, parts, components, works, and also to reimburse the Seller for the costs of their delivery and travel expenses.

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TAURAS FENIX ZAO is the largest manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment in Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries, it is a dealer of leading world manufacturers in Russia and it offers a wide range of spare parts and components for electrical and pneumatic equipment. Upon your request, we will provide prices for the equipment you are interested in, and we are ready to advise on all issues related to models and modifications of original spare parts and spare parts from the list of acceptable replacements. Having our own constantly updated warehouse guarantees the prompt delivery of spare parts and consumables. Depending on the volume, the order can be delivered on an advance payment of 50% by a convenient transport company.

The official website of TAURAS-FENIX spare parts department is Here you may get all the required information, read the full catalog of spare parts and place a request for them. To order a large amount of items, please contact the spare parts supply department by phone +7 (812) 329-49-14. You may also leave a request on our website, and our managers will contact you shortly: