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Piston filler

Piston filler

Marmalade - food product obtained by boiling fruit or berry puree with sugar. Sometimes spices are added. The most common are apple, apricot, cherry, plum, cranberry jam. TAURAS-FENIX manufactures automatic equipment for packaging of jam in plastic containers or doy-packs.

Jam - food product obtained by boiling the berries and fruit in sugar syrup until a gelatinous state. Jams are produced of different concentrations from condensed mass to pureed fruit or berries. This product is not produced of only one species of fruits and berries but also is possible to prepare a combined jam (of several kinds of fruit and berries).

Equipment for jam packaging

TAURAS-FENIX produces equipment for packing jam, allowing for the packing of jam in Doy-pack bags or plastic containers.

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