Pre-cooked soups – relatively new product on Russian market. Recently appeared, this type of products has already received its regular consumers. Wide range of soups: pea, thistle, borscht, mushroom soup and many others came to taste to many buyers.

TAURAS-FENIX provides automatic linear equipment for packaging of pre-cooked soups – Pastpak C (2C), capable of packing pre-cooked soups into following types of packages:

  • Plastic rectangular container.
  • Plastic cup.

Pre-cooked porridges are a low-fat product, not requiring long cooking. A perfect solution for morning breakfast or snack. Modern manufacturers provides the market with wide range of pre-cooked porridges: rice, semolina, buckwheat, oats, with a wide range of flavors and additives: dried fruits, berries, jams and preserves.

Pre-cooked porridges packaging.

TAURAS-FENIX manufactures and sales equipment for packaging of pre-cooked porridges of high quality that allows packaging into rectangular plastic containers and plastic cups.