Vegetable (sunflower seeds) oil is a nutritive and healthy product, containing vitamins A, E, D, F, microelements, and fatty acids, such as linoleic and linolenic acids, which can't be synthesized by the human's bodies. Nowardays, there are a lot of varieties of a vegetable oil: sunflower seeds oil, corn oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, linseed oil, and many others. Some of them are used as a medical treatement.

Oil botteling and packing

TAURAS-FENIX company produ ces fully automated processing lines for oil botteling for the less price then the same produced by the rival manufacturers. Oil botteling machine is equiped with a socked which allows to control the package filling process, guarantees the continuous work and high perfomance; and an ease of operation allows to decrease the human resources required. The up-to-date oil botteling equipement allows to bottle oil to glass bottles and PET bottles.

Other equipment from this group

up to 20 ppm
Filling into ready Doypacks
up to 3000 cycles/h.
up to 6000 cycles/h.
up to 140 cycles/min.