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Water is known as the main source of life on Earth. Drinking, mineral, sweet carbonated water are in great demand on the market since time immemorial. It serves not only to quench the thirst, but also used for medicinal purposes. Everyone knows the beneficial effects of mineral water, which is recommended to take as treament for gastric acidity.

Equipment for filling of carbonated, mineral drinking water

Modern devices for water supply in bottles should provide efficiency, safety and high quality of packaging. TAURAS-FENIX Company produces automatic water filling lines providing manufacturers the ability to perform bottling of water into glass and PET - bottles. For performing group transportation special machines are implemented. Those machines are forming block of bottles that being mounted on the substrate, then following with packaging unit with shrink film, which is welded and shrunk in a tunnel.

Prices for water bottling equipment, established by the company, suitable for any manufacturer. Furthermore, TAURAS-FENIX sells the equipment not only for large but also for small manufacturers that differs in perfomance and area of space. This allows everyone to choose the equipment that will best meet all necessary requirements.

Other equipment from this group

up to 3000 bottles/h.
up to 3000 cycles/h.
up to 6000 cycles/h.