Case Packer SGP-60V



  • Package cost is 10%-35% less comparing with thermoforming equipment.
  • Possible standartization of package sizes for quick format change.
  • Possible operation with flat blanks of two types (side fold or "envelope" bottom).
  • Easy change to other formats.
  • Machine is controlled by one operator.
  • Low noise exposure to the environment.
  • Possible suppliers of the control system - LG, Siemens, Allen-Bradley.
  • Equipment could be made in Duplex version, which means two packages are filled and closed at the same time during one cycle of the machine operation (option).

Horizontal cartoner-case packer SGP-60V is designed to pack bags and solid products in primary package in the preliminary sealed carton cases with average capacity of up to 60 pcs/min. Sealing of the ready cardboard box is made with hot glue or by means of mechanical closure of flap with flaps turning down. Horizontal cartoner SGP-60V could be made with different systems of advance preparation of the packed products formats.
Pack sizes: standart range depends only on main blank type and design. 

Power supply 380 V, 3ph, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 1,8
Потребляемая мощность, кВт до 4
Air consumption, l/min 130
Machine length, mm 2900
Machine width, mm 800
Machine height, mm 1600
Machine weight, kg 980
  • System checking product presence 
  • Separate unloading (product sorting out)
  • Main machine design includes system of product loading in a box.
  • Magazine of folded boxes. Magazine design allows changing easily to another box format by smooth adjustment within specified range which makes machine universal. 
  • Boxes or product conveyor.
  • Product is delivered to the loading system by means of conveyor, placed in the box formed from a folded blank. Then the machine closes the box or seals it with hot glue. 
  • Quick and easy adjustment by means of control panel and usage of screws and clamping levers cuts the time used for change of pack formats. 
  • Design ensures operation safety, easy maintenance and adjustment during operation. 
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Box enclosures: preliminary folded insert, flat or from bobbin
  • Laser or ink-jet box marking 
  • Box marking with label
  • Two possible variants of box closure: flaps turning down or flap sealing
  • Wi-Fi modem (control and service from pad)
  • Connection to the computer via local network 

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