TURBOPACK 15 + tray line



Shrink wrapping line TURBOPACK 15 + tray line are designed for multiple packaging of products in heat-shrinkable film with high output (15-20 blocks/min). Every work process (block forming, film wrapping, heat shrinkage) is carried out at separate automatic machines. The packaging lines are designed upon request with a variable range of units and options to meet the requirements of certain production. There are options of shrink wrapping of the boxes of various shape with film, with film and corrugated base, with film and tray. Technical parameters may vary greatly depending on the type of package, block size, necessary output and are designed upon request.

Products to be packed:

Single items to be formed into blocks up to 3x5.

  • Block former
  • Tray erector
  • Sealing stand
  • Preformed tray blank placing unit
  • Heat shrinking tunnel (2 sections)

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Performance: up to 20 pcs/hour
Performance: up to 6000 cycles/h.
Performance: up to 3000 cycles/h.