Turbopack 261


The TURBOPAK 261 M thermal tunnel is designed to create a group transport packaging of products with the manufacture of film packaging with its subsequent shrinkage.
Products to be packed:
Glass bottles (beer, vodka, lemonade, baby food), cans (jams, marinades, ketchup, baby food), aluminum cans (alcoholic, soft drinks, paint), PET containers.
Performance, max, blocks/min. up to 25
Block width, mm 273
Block length, mm 182
Block height, mm 344
Film type polyethylene
Film thickness, mcr 50-120
Film reel width, max, mm 500
Film reel diameter, max, mm 300
Film reel weight, max, kg 20-25
Thermo tunnel dimensions, mm 2500х680х500
Thermo tunnel conveyor speed, m/min. 3-15
Power supply 380 V 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 50
Air pressure, MPa 0,6
Air consumption, l/min 500
Machine length, mm 10100
Machine width, mm 1400
Machine height, mm 2300
Machine weight, kg 3000
  • Block former
  • Sealing stand
  • Base placing unit
  • Packaging unit

  • Discharge conveyor (belt or plate)
  • Accumulation conveyor

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