The machine is designed to apply circular or segmental polypropylene labels on round gas-filled or non-carbonated PET bottles, glass or metal bottles, cans etc.
Label material – BOPP film, transparent polypropylene or polypropylene metalized. The machine design provides operation in automatic mode.
Kinematical speed, max, cycles/h 3000 bottles/h
Bottle diameter, mm from 60 upto120
Label height, mm 60-120
Power supply 380±38
Power consumption, kW 3,5
Air consumption, l/min 50
Machine length, mm 3000
Machine width, mm 1420
Machine height, mm 1480
Machine weight, kg 360
  • Controlpanel
  • Vacuumdrum
  • Bottles rolling unit
  • Turnstile unit (bottles flow separating)
  • Glue station
  • Fixing and unwinding reel unit
  • Conveyor
  • Glue applying unit
  • Cutting knife unit
  • Tear-off roller
  • Film broaching unit
  • Bypassroller
  • Pressing roller
  • Conveyor adjusting screw
A set for changing to other label size upon height

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