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SPM-WRAPAROUND-15: 400,000 euros of extra revenue


3-in-1 equipment with a 6-month break-even time

SPM-WRAPAROUND – 15 – is a set of equipment designed for the formation of cardboard packaging, laying the product into it with subsequent sealing of the container.

Capacity: 15 boxes/min.
Products: wide range of food and household products
Types of containers: wrap-around box (as well as display boxes, with perforated cardboard at the tear-off point)
*Wide range of box height, length and width adjustments

How does the SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 saves 400 000 euros a year?

Your profit in numbers*: 

 Machine productivity, pcs/min: 140

Savings in the cost of a box blank per month, euros: ~6 600

Savings in the costs of the packaging area (payroll) per month, euros: ~2 600

Your monthly savings are: ~33,000 euros

400 000 euros in a year!

*Specific figures may vary depending on the particular production

SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 - 3-in-1 equipment

Automated system SPM-WRAPAROUND - 15 combines features of three machines: case erector, packer and box sealer.

Production costs reduction:

Compact, durable, reliable

The wrap-around packaging solution is the formation of a sturdy box around the block of product from a carton blank, which is then securely sealed with hot melt adhesive. Cardboard packaging is designed for both product transportation and for the presentation of the product in retail chains - display box.

The benefits of wrap-around packaging:


Boost sales with Display box

 The display box is a box that transforms from shipping containers into a full-fledged showcase: does not require unpacking goods and putting them on store shelves. Facilitates the sales process, convenient for both the retailer and the customer.

Advantages of display boxes:


Who is the SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 equipment for?

Designed for large household items and food processing plants, including dairies.

What problems are solved?

 The equipment enables you to:

  • Process large volumes of products;

  •  Automate the packaging process;

  • Reduce production costs;

  • Solve marketing problems.

Advantages of the SPM-WRAPAROUND-15:

  • Compact size;

  • Modularity - optimizing the machine for the specific product;

  • Made of stainless steel;

  • Working with various food and household products;

  • Seamless integration into the production line;

  • Manual and automatic product feeding;

  • Stability of machine operation due to the large number of blanks.


High quality components

The equipment uses components from leading manufacturers, which ensures:

  • Fine-tuning for any product;

  • Smooth and quiet machine operation;

  • Integrity control of the product block;

  • Reliable protection against dirt and dust;

  • High transport speed of the product without deformation.


Our customers choose SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 by TAURAS-FENIX

TAURAS-FENIX corrugated case erectors are installed at many enterprises in Russia and CIS countries. For example, at the production of JSC "City Dairy Plant" ("Kirovo-Chepetsk City Dairy Plant") in Kirov region TAURAS-FENIX installed SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 machine for packing butter into corrugated boxes, integrating it into the production line.

TAURAS-FENIX developed and launched a complete turnkey automated line on the base of SPM-WRAPAROUND-15 case erector for the largest enterprise in Transbaikalia region, which helped to reduce labor costs by 80%.

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